mardi, février 12, 2008

ELLI & JACNO, Boomerang (pop, 1982)

At last, back again. In the next weeks I'll try to post 2 albums a week, it was impossible to do more in the lmast months, I had too much work.

I don't know if JACNO is known outside from France : he is an essential and unique composer of moving electro-pop classic tunes from the 80s (the best known is "Rectangle", anyone knows it), he had his first punk-rock band very young with his girlfriend ELLI. In 1982 they made this very intimate pop album that is typical of his style. Curiously, it doesn't seem to have been release in CD, so this is an LP-rip. Check out his last albums "French paradise" (2002) and "Tant de temps" (2006).

Download the album here. Pay a particular attention to 3 outstanding tracks : "Roulette russe", "Je t'aime tant", "Pour toi".
(LP-rip, 192 kbps - I have not found the original artwork, but it's very similar to "Je t'aime tant" SP)

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leon a dit…

Good to understand that are you are back !

Linz a dit…

Ciao Mahood,
Je suis Linz e je t'ècrie d'Italie.
(exscuse moi pour mon terrible frances)

Ton blog c'est vraiment formidable, bravo!

J´aimerais bien si tu voux mettre mon dernier cdr la.

cd download


Anonyme a dit…

si tu veux mettre les autres albums, n'hesite pas!
re merci!!!!

mahood a dit…

Je les ai pas!
Mais si quelqu'un se propose, on met les liens bien sûr.

Anonyme a dit…

Merci mille fois!
Ce vinyl me manquait cruellement!

RObert POland a dit…

Thanks! Jacno is hard to find in PL!


RObert POland a dit…
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RObert POland a dit…


Nice Mover a dit…

i want "Anne Cherchait L'amour" !

Anonyme a dit…

Dommage le lien ne fonctionne plus...
Depuis le temps que j'ai envie d'écouter cet album...

Anonyme a dit…

Pour noel,

Je voudrai un lien de Boomerang qui marcherai...

J'ai ete TRES SAGE cette annee, Tonton.



sexy a dit…