mercredi, mars 26, 2008

DAVID SHEA, Satyricon (1997, electronica / ambient)

By request.
Following "The tower of mirrors", it's the other great electronic work by D.SHEA, who was better know then for his sounds collage and concept recordings such as "Prisonner". Beautiful work here, but less various and less successful than "Tower...". Nevertheless it's an essential recording, you can still buy it here, after having listened to it there.
Two different artworks seem to exist, the original being the blue one.

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Anonyme a dit…

GHQ Les Voutes last WE
Did you record it ?

a dit…

1000 DANK, Mahood! Will post the Mort Aux Vaches tomorrow - promise!


P.S.: I came across a good and fast multiple sharing site, in case you're interested - same thing like massmirror or sharebee, except that you can choose to which site they are mirrored:

mahood a dit…

GHQ, Les Voutes : I wasn't there.

Mort aux Vaches : we're waiting for it! Thanks.

a dit…

Anonyme a dit…

les Voutes is here :

spirito bono

leon a dit…

Great job Tonton as usual. Any chance to upload David Shea's Prisoner ? please kindly advise.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for the satyricon !!!

jd45 a dit…

Décidément ! Masstruc a l'air de nous en vouloir ! J'aurai bien gouté à David Shea après avoir lu quelques chroniques.

Anonyme a dit…

please, can you re-up?
thank you in advance