mercredi, juillet 09, 2008


Second album by GURU GURU in this selection, this is their first release, and it's much more improvised than "Kanguru" you've heard before. It's the same power trio, but here they play a kind of "pre-industrial psych rock" - some sounds of "burned guitar" remind me those played later by THROBBING GRISTLE. Don't expect any melody nor quality in sound (it sounds like a live recording). Nevertheless it's really really good and exciting. Exceptionnal work and experiments on the guitar in the Hendrix style (but it goes much further).
Try it here.

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Anonyme a dit…

128? Hmmm, I expected a little bit more.

May I make a suggestion? While we appreciate all the work you go to (believe me I know how much is involved trying to keep a blog like this going) is it possible to include the bit rate within the post?

Again, thanks for all of the Krautrock stuff you have been posting and I look forward to snatching more.

mahood a dit…

Sorry, I used to upload at 192 kbps, but I realized that my iTunes was on a 128kbps compression...
With later posts, I will re-up the 128kbps files at 192 kbps - the usual compression for this series.

Anonyme a dit…

I cig thanx for tese krautrock gems, but can you re-upload this one at 192 kbps?