lundi, octobre 27, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#43 : SIDDHARTA, Weltschmerz (1975)

To say the truth, this is probably one of my favoutite krautrock albums these days, but I wouldn't admit it until now.
It's one of the later bands of what I consider the "classic period" of krautrock (AMON DÜÜL 2, AGITATION FREE etc...), they released one album only, and the least you may notice is its weirdness! Why?
1. It's absolutely dark and "pre-gothic" in the tone (extraordinary series of minor chords to awake the dead and scare your gand-ma!)
2. I don't know another album where there are so many breaks and changes in rythm, sometimes several times in 10 seconds, as if it was a problem for the band to keep the same tempo for one minute or more.
3. It's very rich in the instruments, but doesn't sound like a demonstration.
4. You'll hear plenty of harmonies and melodies, alternating with some more improvised moments, in an almost prog style, but typically german and kraut.
5. the band seems to have great technical skills, I wish I saw them playing live, were they able to play their music as well as in the album? Their weakness is probably the voices, that may be surprising at first glance (listen to the female voice that appears in the first second? Surprising no?), but I love them now.
For all those reasons, and because the production is (unfortunately) rather amateurish, I suggest you listen to the album many times and carefully if you want to appreciate it. Finally, I would compare it to a dark early NEKTAR, to a prog PATER NOSTER, to a dark PINK FLOYD in its 70/72 era.
here's is the link.

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the link. where's the link?

Ignacio Esteban a dit…

Thank you for your time and excellent music,best whishes.

P. s.: Mak see title of disc, there's the link

Mak a dit…

that was tricky :)

paul a dit…

thankyou for taking the time to make such an excellent blog, for years i steered away from krautrock, im starting to enjoy it, at least for the moment with faust and neu, i have made a naive attempt at a krautrock week on my site

per aspera ad astra a dit…

Many thanks!

Mr. B.Normal a dit…

Thanks for some great krautrock albums! Keep up the good work!

K L I M P E R E I a dit…

amateurs de krautrock
merci de voir

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it don't work!no..

Anonyme a dit…

Awesome album. Thanks for the share.