mercredi, janvier 14, 2009

CHRISTIAN DEATH, The Scriptures (1987, death rock)

A concept album that confirms Valor Kand's taste for psychedelia, "The Scriptures" is also the 1st to contain many "not dark at all" songs. Many genres of music are explored, from horror film music (or sounds?) to cabaret songs to basic rock'n roll near classics - the cover of Hendrix "1984" is certainly too long but almost moving. The dark side is more in the tribal songs you'll find here too. I would say, after 50 krautrock albums post, that it's almost a kind of kraut from the 80s! In my opinion, a very good album - maybe because this is the one I've discovered the band with (on the contrary, it's not well rated on "").
Let's say here that it's the last good album the band made - but i'll post the other albums recorded in the 80s, "Sex drugs and Jesus Christ" and the double concept "All the love all the hate" (an absolute failure that you've found earlier on this blog).
My rate for this one : 4/5
And it's here.

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Anonyme a dit…

P'tain je suis naze ! Je viens de m'appercevoir que les commentaires que je pensais avoir merdé, je les avais posté (in english) mais pas à l'endroit où je pensais ! Une remarque pertinente : on a toujours tendance à préférer l'album qui nous a fait découvrir un groupe (Donc, en l'occurence, pour moi, Atrocities). Autant le dire tout de go : Scriptures m'a toujours fait chier... Par contre, Past, Present and Forever, qui de mémoire était sorti à la même époque avait pas mal de bons moments (le génial enchaînement The Lake Of Fire, Blast of the Bough, Amaterasu), non ?

Anonyme a dit…

I have these C.D. discs, but thank for posting them. Back in the day, I was so hyped for this. It seemed like forever to get anything from these guy. Impossible to get other than mailorder. I bought this in both vinyl or CD. Brought it home and played it. It so sucked. This disc made me loose any respect for ChrDe, particularly anything touched by Valor.

Anonyme a dit…

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