mardi, février 10, 2009

MAHOOD, The Drone Album (part 1)

As I do not have any precise idea about what I want to share these days, here is the beginning a my own series of analog drones. I've recorded many of them since 1997 (first with an old 8bit "granular sintesis" software on my Mac Performa at the time), but few of them really convinced me - and what could I do with them until today?
This first personal post is more a collection of ambiant pieces put together than a real drone, but it's intended to be heard in a drone feeling. Some parts were played live when I played for PanSonic last year (you can hear them on the MySpace link "listen to my music").
Very basic recording (no mastering and basic mixing), and for the occasion the instruments were :
> Korg Polysix
> Korg Monopoly
> Sequential Circuits SixTrak
> Roland Juno 106
> folk guitar
> maracas.

If anyone is interested... here it is!
I may post a new drone each month, it may be more basic drones than this first post.

9 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

as an idea for posts, why don't you do an `electronic' top 50?

Anonyme a dit…

Tonton, did you have a "snake charmer" field recording on your blog at one time? I may have seen it on another blog. If someone knows please paste link.

Anonyme a dit…

hola amigos, por razones ajenas .El Camaleon cambia la url.

anotar la nueva url por favor .

si te interesa, podemos intercambiar enlaces

un abrazo a todos

hello friends, for reasons beyond .El Camaleon change the url.

note the new url please.

if you're interested, we can trade urls

a hug to all

Anonyme a dit…

THNKS for this music

Stephan Garrec a dit…

Salut ! Après l'écoute nostalgique des Christian Death, je suis moi-même dans un feeling d'écoutes ambient-drone-minimaliste-field recording, au grand désespoir de ma copine (mais de toutes façons, le vieux rock gothique ne lui allait pas mieux...) et ces post de ta musiquestombent à merveille ! De vraies grande chouettes écoute, vraiment, vivement le mois prochains pour le part 3 !!!

mahood a dit…

> "Snake Charmer"? Nope not here, but what a good idea!

> Stephan : comment dire... merci, c'est tout! ça va m'encourager à boucler quelques trucs que j'ai la flemme de finir faute de diffusion. Rendez-vous sans trop tarder donc.

Shakey a dit…

Salut Tonton ^^

Ce drone album me hante, je l'adore. J'aurais presque envie de me le faire graver sur vinyle.
Le second me touche moins.
Il me tarde que tu nous livre la suite.


Anonyme a dit…

What an excellent drone!
In the kraurock-drone tradition...
I've been listening this one for days!
Now I'm downloading the other one-
please upload more!

Anonyme a dit…

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