mardi, mars 10, 2009

MITTELWINTERNACHT, Mittelwinternacht '71 (1971, experimental krautrock)

"Krautrock" because it's german, it's certainly not the case in the music. Even if this only album made by the band (is it a band?) is probably more for the fans of early CLUSTER / KLUSTER and proto-industrial music made in the early 70s, it's not the hardest way to enter the genre. The world you enter is plenty of self-oscillating ring modulators, echoes and darkness, and it's quite beautiful if you accept it - very "good" trips if you're in it. TANGERINE DREAM made some tracks like this in their early years - those I love the most.
Perfect for my "drone area". Please try it here.

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

This nice record seems to be a tribute to krautrock made a few years ago.See Mutant Sounds :

Anonyme a dit…

thanks - steve.

Iván Villavicencio a dit…

very interestin kraut album... thanks...!!!

Anonyme a dit…

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chinese girl a dit…

Thank you. This wasn't shown out here in Australia and I missed watching it online.chnlove reviewa

Alan Freeman a dit…

Actually Rancid Poultry from Yorkshire, England! And that's a fact. They did this to see if they could get away with it.