samedi, mai 26, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Utopia (1973, krautrock)

By request. A side project with members of the jazz rock band UTOPIA, composed and released in the "Carnival in Babylon" / "Wolf City" area. Personnaly I don't like it too much, but some tracks are ok. It lacks some craziness of their debut albums, but many titles are well composed. So ok, it's a 5/10.
Download it here and say thanks!

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Anonyme a dit…

Tanz der Lemmings was the first stuff that I have heard from them. Very strong album. Also Yeti, which includes a lot of west coast guitar freak playing. Hope that I like this one too.
Good job you are doing. Thx.

maurofelipe76 a dit…

Thanks for the AMAZING blog. You've made my month. Some real treasures here!!

Staree a dit…

Thanks for posting this one and thanks plenty! I tried to buy this years ago and I found it was out of print. My eyes leapt and so now my ears are happy! "I think posting this kind of music is just right. "Amon duul 2" along with "Can"are one of those bands who have influenced many other bands/artist that never get the credit. Bowie ripped off albums like hijack on low- heroes era which I really really like and had already. You've probably heard the last two(spirit of eden, laughing stock) albums from talk talk where they completely changed their sound to something quite memorable to say the least. I hear the influence of both amon duul 2 and Can and maybe
more of the latter which helped produce records I still listen to year after year.

If you dig this type of music you might try finding "on the corner" from miles davis or even better
"brown rice" from don cherry or "viva" from La Düsseldorf. The latter being one of those other
krautrock bands that doesn't even get a mention unfortunately.

I felt like writing as it seemed from your latter post that you were going to give up the ghost
on krautrock. I'm here to say keep it up as I find this era and the music that followed very interesting.
Bands like amon duul 2 followed their own instincts and offered numerous refreshing ideas worth hearing!


Roderick Verden a dit…

Name of band is Utopia, no Amo Duul 2. I had vinyl. Lothar Meid and Olaf Kubler project.
Very good!

mahood a dit…

thanks for this precision Roderick.
Staree : nice comment! I'll post soon the albums Ash Ra Tempel released fro 70 to 73, before becoming Ash Ra, some of the best kraut albums ever! The problem is : anyone interested in kraut has all of them no??

Roderick Verden a dit…

Perhaps. I have threee Ash Ra Temple who i got in blogs. The second album i have cd,german.

Anonyme a dit…

In 1973 Amon Düül split up over a quarrel that included threats with revolvers and knives. One half set off to record "Wolf City", the other half formed Utopia with a few other musicians. During the recording sessions of "Wolf City" and "Utopia" though the members of Amon Düül 2 made peace again, which ended with the whole Amon Düül 2 gang playing on BOTH records. The Utopia album was re-issued under the name Amon Düül 2 for commercial reasons in the 80s.Machina USA

Anonyme a dit…

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sexy a dit…