jeudi, août 30, 2007

MONTAGE, S/T (baroque pop, 1970)

End of Micheal Browne history on the blog.
Between THE LEFT BANKE and THE STORIES, he joined this band called MONTAGE as a guest (uncredited on the original album). What is amazing is that he probably composed all the songs - what did make the other members?? I'm not sure they composed any album later...
You'll find in this album fabulous "summer" songs, the ideal for listening during your holidays. To my hears, the melodies are much more precious here than in the other albums recorded by Micheal Brown, it's the one you chould try if you're not in "baroque pop" (but what does this mean..? It's more or less like the Beatles, finally).
When I discovered this track called "Grand Pianist", in a summer morning (or was it at night?), I probably repeated it at least 10 times in the iPod... Absolutely magic!!

Believe me, once you listen to this, you'll run to find and buy it. For the moment, it's here.

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Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for posting such an underappreciated album. Glad to see that Mike Brown has some admirers out there.

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