mardi, novembre 20, 2007

DIG! nostalgia & Drug Rock

As the distributor of the movie DIG! in theatres in France, true emotion when finding a blog called "Music to take drug to". This marvelous blog shares some of the bands we like here : Spacemen 3, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the totally underated Dandy Warhols who made so many good pop songs, Spectrum, Warlocks, Galaxy 500 etc... And, most of all, you can (or could) download DIG! there! Of course, as a hard worker for "cinema industry" I would advise to buy it, particularly in its american or australian edition (and even spanish, but certainly not the french one!!). Believe me, it's probably the best rock documentary ever, and one of the most exciting movies in the 5 last years, probably the best film I've been working on! Can you believe that is was almost impossible to show it in France, no exhibitor wanted it!?
Here are some posters / adverts we made when the film was released in France. Much better than the american poster no?
When will I have another film like this to work on..?

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Joel's new band the Dilettantes wants to come to PAris. Any place to play?

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jeffersonparkerson at

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hi i just noticed your mention of my blog thank you

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