vendredi, novembre 09, 2007

TERRE THAEMLITZ, Soil / Couture Cosmétique (1995 / 1997 - data ambient)

By request (partly).
Re-up @ 256kps of THAEMLITZ masterpiece "Soil" - believe me, anyone will fall in love of 2 or 3 tracks there (at least t.2 and last t.).
"Couture Cosmétique" is too often boring in my opinion, which is a pitty because there are many interesting parts in it. I've been trying to buy some other recordings by THAEMLITZ, but I confess I've often met deception.

"Soil" & "Couture Cosmétique" can be downloaded in 3 parts on MassMirror (if it works...) :
Couture 1-8
Couture 9 / Soil 1-3
Soil 4-6

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cidrolin a dit…

thanks for your work! i added your blog link to mine (fromentaldevercoquin).