lundi, décembre 10, 2007

RYOKI IKEDA & CARSTEN NIKOLAI, Cyclo (2001, minimal beat)

Those who know Ikeda probably know this recording too : in the Ikeda's way, it consist in sine waves treated in a rythmic way. The main difference with his previous records is the huge compression on the sound, that your sound system may not stand. Not easy to hear as a whole, the album is quite unique and is a must have for any one interested in minimal music.
CD rip at 160kbps (I admit it's probably not enough... sorry).
Try it here.

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Anonyme a dit…

grand disque
bravo pour ton blog que je consulte régulièrement. Tu devrais vister aussi ça
petite assoc' strasbourgeoise entre netlabel et revue web.

Anonyme a dit…

hello tonton mahood, is there any chance to reupload this one @320? thanks a lot