dimanche, mai 10, 2009

MAHOOD, Granular Sintesis (drone / electronic soundscapes, 1997)

I was proud to discover that some of you guys have asked for a repost of my "Granular Sintesis" work, recorded 12 years ago (how can it be so far..?).
More or less 4 tracks (20 minutes), with the exclusive use of a basic software on my Performa 6200, called "SoundEffects". The only source of the sound is sine waves, transformed / cut with the effects of the software (particularly with the most complex, called... "granular synthesis") - except the sampled percussions on track 1 (the only track I really don't like, it's of no use).
I'm particularly proud of the 3rd and 4th tracks (and the transition between), the 4th track was one of my favourite at the time - very hypnotic if you're not irritated by the repetition.
Be concious that it's a really lo-fi recording : 11.000khz, 8bit, recorded on a basic 4 tracks tape recorded, transfered on MiniDisc etc... So if you try play it loud!
Here it is.

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Ilya a dit…

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Let me know what you think.


icastico a dit…


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mike-floyd a dit…


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and I was wondering if it is okay for you, if I post some of your Mahood stuff on my blog. Quite like your music drones and think they might fit in perfectly...


Anonyme a dit…

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j. a dit…

hey! i'm quite a frequent visitor of ur blog and just wanted to say thank you for all the good stuff u post. thank you thank you thank you.

i'm looking forward for new posts and hope you will come back at some point, best, j.

kingpossum a dit…

Hey Mahood, good to see this one up again. No worries about track 4, repetition is a very good thing!

Your sounds a frequent go-to's for me when I'm crunching numbers at work. Great stuff.


great blog! please check out or maybe add this to your links:

we share same interest in music. thanks and keep up the good work!

Anonyme a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

Genius on Track 4... My added suggestion in the box would be to make the track or try anyway at least 10 min.s each. or right around there. The 34567 mins just end up "interrupting you" before its time. IMHO. Thank you Regardless,

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