jeudi, juillet 31, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#28 : UDO LINDENBERG, Lindenberg (1971)

Back for a few days.
UDO LINDENBERG is certainly not considered as the main artist for Krautrock, according to the Crack in the Cosmic Egg encyclopedia UDO is "one of the top bubblegum pop stars in Germany" and has nothing to do with krautrock. Nevertheless, on this album UDO has definitely a sound of his own, there are many good moments and this masterpiece I love and can hear again and again, the last 11 minutes long track "The children of your children won't even know your name" (a good title no?). The beginning of the album sounds like a basic (but not bad) 70s pop album, but the further it goes the better it is. At last, I love the production, with a cool rythm base and good guitars on it.
You should try this unknown and probably underated gem. It's here, (VBR>256kbps), it's an ideal listening for summer.

mercredi, juillet 09, 2008


Second album by GURU GURU in this selection, this is their first release, and it's much more improvised than "Kanguru" you've heard before. It's the same power trio, but here they play a kind of "pre-industrial psych rock" - some sounds of "burned guitar" remind me those played later by THROBBING GRISTLE. Don't expect any melody nor quality in sound (it sounds like a live recording). Nevertheless it's really really good and exciting. Exceptionnal work and experiments on the guitar in the Hendrix style (but it goes much further).
Try it here.

mercredi, juillet 02, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#25 : WALLENSTEIN, Cosmic Century (1973)

Ok boys, let's speak seriously now, let's speak about last century, the "cosmic century" - and krautrock integrist should quit now, I mean : those who can't go further that the CAN / FAUST / NEU trio, what I respect too. And I admit that you have to be really open-minded to try this one, but try!
The easiest way to speak about WALLENSTEIN's music, and particularly of this 3rd album, is to compare it with the craziness of "Phantom of the Paradise" (yes, the movie) and its beautiful soundtrack composed by PAUL WILLIAMS. Not particularly kraut, it's a bizarre piano-based pop prog rock, with brilliant developments, all along extended tracks that seem impossible to play if you haven't worked the compositions nor the instruments nor practice with your band 10 years long. The thing becomes even harder when you hear the voice, typical from the 70s lyrical type - and add a strong german accent to this (sung in english though).
Believe me, it's a really fun and rejoicing experience here. Who can resist such incredible tracks as "grand piano / silver arms"? Yes, I hear the Phantom...
Here it is.


Huge couble concept album by a "supergroup" consisting in ASH RA TEMPEL and WALLENSTEIN (see later for them) members, KLAUS SCHULZE joined by WALTER WEGMULLER (but who he is I really don't know... kind of a poet / prophet?). Consider it as a massive presentation of all that krautrock is capable of : killer guitar riffs, haunting melodies, cheesy voices, weird noises, beautiful soundscapes, long band improvisations... hard to describe, there are too many styles in this double album. I'm afraid it's too "german" for some of you : it's sung in english (with strong accent) but sometimes spoken in german (probably? but with an accent that seems weird too); but it's german in its spirit too : what I try to mean is that "Tarot" is much too excessive to appeal to everyone.
I consider the first CD as one my essential "kraut-shocks"; unfortunately the 2nd CD is a more classic long improvised cosmic krautrock suite, in the same style as ASH RA TEMPEL's or COSMIC JOKERS 1st (see later), but not as good (and a bit boring...).
Two links for this double album : 1st disc here and 2nd disc there.


Thanks very much to those who have leave the encouraging messages, I hope the next posts won't be disappointing.

This one maybe yes, it's basically another TD recording, their 3rd album. Let's consider it as their first real professionnal recording, as their previous albums seemed to have been recorded with basic instruments and probably live. It's obviously their hardest too : entirely atonal, it consists in 4 20 minutes long floating and dark tracks, with very subtle changes from the beginning to the end. It's very similar to the 1st albums by KLAUS SCHULZE "Irrlicht" and "Cyborg" - try them if you like "Zeit". But there's something more here in my opinion : deeper, more moving.
Certainly to be played at night, alone, and in one shot.
An essential recording for those who like drones and ambient music. Download it here.