lundi, mars 30, 2009

DUMP, A Plea For Tenderness (1997, indie pop)

Same comment as for the other DUMP album posted here.
This one is even better though probably too long and not as various in the instruments and production as "That skinny...". In my opinion, it contains major pop hits that everyone who is in BEACH BOYS / BEATLES / BELLE & SEBASTIAN etc... will love.
here it is.

DUMP, That Skinny Motherfucker With The High Voice (2000, indie pop)

It becomes hard for me to post things more often than I do and be sure I'm sorry for this. I don't have as much time as I'd like to for the blog, and as I've said before I'm not sure I've got so many new good and "rare" things to share...
Well, here is an excellent "low-fi pop" album recorded by DUMP. DUMP is the side project of James McNew of Yo La Tengo.
It really has its own sound, with strange synths and low-fi production. You'll find a good collection of easy melodies and interesting covers. I'll post another DUMP album very soon.
For this one, here it is.

mardi, mars 17, 2009

BEN'S SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA, live Paris Pop'In, 17.12.2004 (french pop)

Re-up / extraordinary french pop band / pop side of AIR with more energy and without the synths.
Buy the albums somewhere here on Amazon.

à la demande de je ne sais plus qui, qui avait bien raison.
Le son est franchement pourri, le public (des potes?) couvre assez largement la musique, mais n'empêche des chefs d'oeuvre pop comme "From Hull to Hawai" (track 5) d'être aussi bouleversants que sur l'album ("Drifting", impératif dans toute CDthèque qui se repsecte).
On attend - on prie pour? - le troisième album.
ça se passe (160kbps)

mardi, mars 10, 2009

MASSTISHADDHU, Shekinah (1988, dark ambient)

I'm not sure I should have posted this : even it's a really good dark ambient (no electronics, only bowed instruments and percussions, or so it seems), it's certainly not very different from many other dark ambient albums of the area. The most known I think about is the exceptional CURRENT 93's "Nature's unveiled" (re-released this year on vynil and CD, buy it!!), and this "Shekinah" is obviously less intersting.
But... I don't know, I really like it - for dark moods.
Try it here.

MITTELWINTERNACHT, Mittelwinternacht '71 (1971, experimental krautrock)

"Krautrock" because it's german, it's certainly not the case in the music. Even if this only album made by the band (is it a band?) is probably more for the fans of early CLUSTER / KLUSTER and proto-industrial music made in the early 70s, it's not the hardest way to enter the genre. The world you enter is plenty of self-oscillating ring modulators, echoes and darkness, and it's quite beautiful if you accept it - very "good" trips if you're in it. TANGERINE DREAM made some tracks like this in their early years - those I love the most.
Perfect for my "drone area". Please try it here.

PI CORP, Lost in the cosmic void (dark psych, 1973-1976)

(Awful artwork)
Why haven't I posted this album sooner?? It's quite an essential album for those who love the darkest side of psychedelia. It's american, but I could largely compare it with some of the darkest krautrock albums posted here (SIDDHARTA, PATER NOSTER, AMON DÜÜL 2 in some aspects...). And it's very experimental in many ways, there are not so many "conventional" rock songs in it. It's also surprising to discover that it's a compilation made with demos assembled recently, because it really sounds as an full album (except some tracks maybe).
One would say that the recording suffers of basic and amateurish production. It's not false, but we've heard so worse elsewhere!
It's one of the 5 best albums I've discovered thanks to other bloggers, I hope you'll enjoy it.
And it's here.