vendredi, mars 28, 2008


En photo, Sébastien dans 30 ans, aka Jean-Pierre Dupire, que les parisiens qui prennent le métro connaissent bien.
Re-post opportuniste de 3 concerts déjà posés en ligne à 2 reprises ici, cette fois à l'occasion du succès médiatique massif du dernier album "Sexuality", auquel on préfère ici, infiniment, le 1er "Incroyable vérité" (pas le même niveau de compo quand même - pour les fans de la prod electro-cheap du dernier, on recommandera les futures sections "kraut décadence", ou le kraut progressif synthétique des années réputées les pires, 76 à 79!); à l'occasion, aussi, des concerts complets, comme celui donné à Paris le 30 avril à La Cigale.
Les 3 shows sont enregistrés au mini-disc, avec son moyen forcément, mais recommandés pour les versions, notamment, des titres de "Politics", meilleures que sur l'album.
Paris New Morning 20.1.2004.
Track list : Broadway / Ketchup vs Genocide / Wonderafrica / League Chicanos / Universe / Black Douleur / Benny / Fantino / Bye-Bye / La Ritournelle. 160 kbps (me semble-t-il).
Le meilleur des trois, formation piano / synthé (envolées psyché grand cru de Prophet 5 à 2000E joué par Rob en blaser blanc...) / guitare (Rickenbacker à 5000 effleurée 10 fois dans le set) / basse / batterie (Tony Allen) / choristes (sous-mixées). League Chicanos touchant et tellement mieux que la version album.

Paris New Morning 29.4.2004 "Cabaret".
Track list : Broadway / Black Douleur / Fantino / League Chicanos / Universe / Ketchup vs Genocide /4 covers (Luna Parker, Elsa, Isabelle Adjani, C. Jérôme) / La Ritournelle. 128 kbps je crois.
Formation minimale piano / synthé / basse / guitare - manque un peu de batterie, notamment dans une Ritournelle soudain très pauvre. Reprises sincères, le Luna Parker en serait presque émouvant si le public forcément ironique et complice ne hurlait pas de rire à chaque refrain.

Paris Café de la Danse "Back to rythm" 6.6.2006.
Track list : Bye bye / ? / League Chicanos / Wonderafrica / Universe / Broadway / Une Heure / Black Douleur / Ketchup vs Genocide / Kissed by you / Oh Malheur chez O'Malley / La Ritournelle / La Dolce Vita / Fantino. 192kbps si tout se passe bien.
Formation piano / synthé / basse / guitare / batterie, mais dans une forme plus convenue qu'au-dessus. Versions plus fidèles aux albums. On préférait le côté foutraque du groupe avec le sympathique Rob en 2004, dommage. "Une Heure" en avant première, 18 mois avant la sortie de l'album "Sexuality", et sans voix; on était déjà sceptique. + un inédit à ce jour, à ma connaissance en tout cas. Très beau "Kissed by you" par ailleurs.

Ce que j'aime chez Tellier, c'est qu'on a droit à des choses assez différentes à chaque fois. Si quelqu'un a un enregistrement des 1ers premiers concerts, période guitare + theremin (extra!), on prend évidemment.
Qui se charge d'enregistrer le show du 30 avril?

jeudi, mars 27, 2008

DAVID SHEA, Mort aux Vaches (1998?)

Posted by ∞, to end this series.
A good overview of early SHEA's works, from ambient and ethnic sounds to electronica and collage.
Find it here.
Thanks ∞.

mercredi, mars 26, 2008

SCANNER, The Garden is full of metal (1997, electronic soundscapes)

Derek Jarman's word put into music by Robin Rimbaud aka SCANNER, in one of his good albums of the late 90s. Probably not his easiest work, for those who don't know him.
Try it here.

DAVID SHEA, Satyricon (1997, electronica / ambient)

By request.
Following "The tower of mirrors", it's the other great electronic work by D.SHEA, who was better know then for his sounds collage and concept recordings such as "Prisonner". Beautiful work here, but less various and less successful than "Tower...". Nevertheless it's an essential recording, you can still buy it here, after having listened to it there.
Two different artworks seem to exist, the original being the blue one.

vendredi, mars 21, 2008

DAVID SHEA, The Tower of Mirrors (1996, electronic soundscapes)

One of the best albums DAVID SHEA made in my opinion. It's the typical "electronic soundscapes" SHEA, SCANNER and some others were producing between 1995 and 2000. Honestly, I have not kept on buying them, the best things seemed to have been produced in their early years, but I may be wrong.
For those who don't know him, it's an "electronic journey", with collage and sounds produced from various sources, from ethnic / fields recordings to basic electronica. This one is probably the most ambient album he produced. It can be compared to a score for an imaginary film.
Try it here (ripped at 192kbps).

lundi, mars 17, 2008

PSYCHE, Tales from the darkside (1987, dark vintage electronics)

Released in 1990, this compilation CD is a collection of early songs of this rather mediocre electro new wave band from the 90s, recorded between 1982 and 1987. Actually a very good surprise, it could be described as the gap between early CABARET VOLTAIRE and (very dark side of) early JEAN-MICHEL JARRE, at least on some tracks. Sometimes it sounds distorted and really industrial with scary voices, sometimes it's just good old synth music from the 80s (sounding as if it had been recored it 79). "Another billion eyes" or "a threat" are the highlights of the album, begin with these 2 tracks. Those who, like me, are fascinated by the old japanese machinery (Korg / Roland synths and rythm box) will certainly love this.
Don't be scared and download it here (ripped at 192kbps).

mercredi, mars 12, 2008

SILVER APPLES, live Paris Nouveau Casino 6.3.2008

Only live performance in France by this classic "minimalist psych rock" band (actually, leader Simeon alone with his sound and wave generators) for its come-back.
A good example of "psych-pop experimentation" : it sounds like pop, it's sung and there are some melodies, but Simeon uses all this electronic trickery that could have been much more experimental and reminds me SUICIDE (but in a funny version).
Of course, there wasn't much to see : just this cool old guy with his samples and wave generators. But that was fun!
Recorded with my own mic and MiniDisc, the sound is ok for a bootleg, and ripped at 192kbps.
Download it here, and don't forget the 2 albums have been beautifully re-edited - on Amazon for instance.

mercredi, mars 05, 2008

CURRENT 93 (1997, drone / ambient)

Having uploaded the album, I realize that i've already posted it last year - with comments in french.
But, what an outstanding album, I love it!! In my opinion it's the best music produced by the Tibet / Stapleton team, though it sounds much more like the ambient NURSE WITH WOUND than CURRENT 93.
It consists in one long floating ambient tone / drone, divided in 4 parts - only the first one, with its low analog frequencies loop, is a little boring, you'll probably skip this track.
And from the 2nd track to the end, it's nothing less an extraordinary journey in floating sounds : you'll hear analog synths, some kind of flute, bells, voices (and some spoken words by Tibet).
I don't understand why such an album was first issued in a very limited edition of 1000 (sold with a book by Ligetti). It was re-edited in 2002 without the book, you can still buy it here (more than 100 euros on Amazon!).
Before this, download it here (192kbps).

STAPLETON / WAKEFORD (1993, industrial ambient)

Curiously not far from the TAZARTES' style, posted sooner, NURSE WITH WOUND's Steve Stapleton and SOL INVICTUS' / ex DEATH IN JUNE Tony Wakeford in their only collaboration. Actually, the album sounds much more like NWW's albums than SI' - an easy version of NWW. For this reason, it's not only a really good ambient / industrial and quite melodic album, but also a very good entry to those who don't know NWW's world or find it "cold" and hard.
I'm not sure it's been re-released since 1993. Find it here (at 192kbps).


Another good record by TAZARTES, "recorded in Paris, 1977 & 1997"; indeed, it seems to have been recorded from various sessions and sources, but once again a brilliant editing gives a splendid unity to the whole. More various instruments than in "Une éclipse...", and some rythmic patterns help this album to be an easier entry to TAZARTES weird and unique musical world.
Be curious and try it here.