jeudi, janvier 31, 2008

DOMINIQUE PETITGAND, 10 / 11 petites compositions familiales (1995/96))

Impossible to classify. This magic musical poetry will be much appreciated by those who understand french, as D. PETITGAND records conversations in his family (mother, wife and son) and makes music with it. Often very funny and moving too.
There are 2 recordings here : "10 petites compositions familiales" and "11 petites compositions familiales". Download these masterpieces here.

lundi, janvier 14, 2008

BETA BODEGA COALITION, various artists (1999, electornica)

Called "Rice and Beans / Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare", and packaged with... rice and beans.
Not much to say as I know nothing about the label, except that it's a sort of extreme WARP / SCHEMATIC electronic label of the era, and it's mexican (or pretend to be). Some boring tracks and some outstanding too.
The artists here are : Takeshi Muto, Leekon, Atlajala, Dave Noyze, Goem, Tpm, Patcha Kutek, Needle, El Brujo Oscuro, V8& La Mano Fria.
192kbps rip. Be adventurous and try it here.
(no picture available for the CD artwork)

mardi, janvier 08, 2008

LATON COMPILATION (1999, electronica)

No picture available.
Usually I don't like compilations with various artists, but I admit that this CD contains some really exciting tracks.
I don't know much about the LATON, except that it's from Austria, the music here is vintage electronica, the artists share the same old sound, in an hypnotic way. Begin with track 2 by Alois Huber, a fabulous one.
The artists here : Pomassl, Alois Huber, M. Soellner, Auralbino, Fon Proof, A. Burger.
Download it at 192 kbps here.