dimanche, avril 12, 2009

STEREOLAB, Margerine Eclipse Separate Mono versions (2004, pop)

Probably only for STEREOLAB freaks.
But it shoudn't.

As I told in my previous post, this pop masterpiece recorded in 2004 was mixed in "DUAL MONO", not in stereo, which means that each instrument is recorded on one channel only (left or right). In the end, it's definitly one whole new album on each channel.
I've made the job for you to make it easier to listen on you 2 speakers the 2 versions : there's the "left album" and the "right album", 2 mono albums that are radically different, although it depends on the tracks (am I clear enough?). Of course, the more obvious effect is that some parts are 100% instrumental now, one other is the absence of the classic Stereolab organ on one version - on the contrary it's almost too present on the other - etc... Some moments become absolutely beautiful now, with a kind of minimalism that is new in some way in their music. It allows to hear how talented they are too.

Take this experience as a re-discover of the album.

The 2 versions are here.

dimanche, avril 05, 2009

STEREOLAB live (2000 / 2006)

4 live shows that I may have already posted last year.
Listening again to their albums "Sound Dust" and "Margerine Eclipse" this afternoon made me want to share something about them, but I don't really want to share the original albums - everyone should buy them! Unlike many STEREOLAB fans, I really consider this pair as their best work to date, and as some of the best pop albums of the 2000 years.
And there's another thing : I've read that "Margerine Eclipse" was recorded in "dual mono" : one mono mix on each L/R channel. That means that there's virtually a different album on each channel - try if you can, that's absolutely true! Maybe I'll separate the channels and share each one later, as "2 alternative versions" of the official album - for the fans of course!

In the meanwhile, find 4 live performances here : the first two recordings were found on the web, their quality is good (they may be radio broadcast). The Paris live shows have been recorded by myself, the 2004 one being much better recorded (smaller theatre, new battery in my mic?) and very interesting, the best one in this selection in my opinion.
Click on the link to download.
Denver, Spring 2000
Munich, Muffathalle, 18.8.2001
Paris, Trabendo, 17.3.2004
Paris, La Cigale, 13.5.2006