lundi, décembre 31, 2007

S. TELLIER, Mr. OIZO, SEBASTIAN - Steak (2007, electro-pop)

Sorry but these days I don't have time to post all I'd like to share.
Here is a "lite" post : this soundtrack sounds like a brilliant joke, but maybe only a joke. It's vintage electro-pop music, somewhere between Moroder and french comedy soundtrack from the 80s.
As a bonus, you'll find in the file the new SEBASTIEN TELLIER's single, remixed by SEBASTIAN.
Discover here this electro-pop soundtrack from a movie that nobody (almost) has seen.

PS : someone has noticed that there's one track missing in one of the TELLIER live perfomances I've posted sooner. The reason is that this track has no interest at all, it's a short track from the 2nd album. If you really want it, please ask and I'll try to post it.

mercredi, décembre 12, 2007

ALAIN GORAGUER, La Planète Sauvage (1973, psych pop)

One of my best posts. This is the soundtrack that strongly influenced AIR for "the virgin suicides" - some tracks sound almost the same. It's one of my favourite 70s albums, among some krautrock classics like AGITATION FREE's "Malesh" or IKARUS (sorry for my permanent references to krautrock).The film is an extraordinary and typical psychedelic object from the 70s area, that everyone interested in this culture should have seen - I've seen it maybe 40 times.
You can download the album here, but please, try to buy the soundtrack or the film ("Fantastic Planet" is the english title), it's easy to find on the web.

IMPORTANT : in addition to the CD, I've put some additional music in this file :
> 2 tracks from the film that don't appear on the CD (see excerpt below)
> 1 folk song from the weird film "A TRAVERS LA FORET", directed by Jean-Paul Civeyrac. I don't know the composer, but this song is probably my favourite folk song, though it is very short and simple. In the film, it appears in a magical moment, when the dead boyfriend deeply loved by the girl appears in a dream in her bed. See the trailer here.
> 1 excerpt from Wong Kar Wai's "ASHES OF TIME" (his best film), a moving moment where the actress explains (more or less) that the man she loves has never noticed her. Certainly cheesy but absolutely romantic.

See a clip from LA PLANETE SAUVAGE (containing one of the "additional tracks" of my post :

and here's is the clip from ASHES OF TIME where your find the sound sequence I've pickep up (on minute 7) :

lundi, décembre 10, 2007

RYOKI IKEDA & CARSTEN NIKOLAI, Cyclo (2001, minimal beat)

Those who know Ikeda probably know this recording too : in the Ikeda's way, it consist in sine waves treated in a rythmic way. The main difference with his previous records is the huge compression on the sound, that your sound system may not stand. Not easy to hear as a whole, the album is quite unique and is a must have for any one interested in minimal music.
CD rip at 160kbps (I admit it's probably not enough... sorry).
Try it here.

vendredi, décembre 07, 2007

MINA, Kryptonite (1999, electro-pop)

160kbps, on MassMirror.
1st album - you are maybe one of the 43 persons who were lucky to download "A to B", available further on this blog.
Honnestly, I don't have listened much to this album, I had lost it, and have just found it out. It seems to sound more "funky" than their 2nd, same sound, but probably weaker melodies. But consider it's a "must have" in those rainy days (in France, I don't know elsewhere) to have a nice week-end.
For your pleasure, download it here.

mardi, décembre 04, 2007

TIMOTHY LEARY, Turn on, tune in, drop out (1967, spoken psych ambient)

Extraordinary "psych spoken words" by drug guru(?) TIMOTHY LEARY. Those who like THROBBING GRISTLE's Genesis P. Orridge may consider LEARY his ancestor - some of his most ambient / spoken albums sound almost the same!
I don't like spoken words : belive me, there is much in "Turn on...", with magic sounds from beyond, beautiful voices, wonderful textures and noises, and even a few melodies.
Discovered through a psychic blog (I don't remember which one - see in "best links" - it's my turn to share it now. "I'm drowning, I'm drowning!". Brrrrgh.....
Find it on Rapidshare or on MassMirror.

MINA, A to B (2001, synth pop)

I've seen MINA playing on stage just before STEREO TOTAL in their 2001 tour in Paris - they also share the same record label, Bungalow. Very interesting live, as their "synth pop" is actually played live, with rock instruments : drums, guitar, nass guitar, an old Roland RS2 organ, nothing more (no vocal). Please listen to the album more than once, it takes several times to appreciate it entirely. It's very well composed, with excellent melodies.
I think it's probably their 2nd album, if you want I can share their first (not so good as this one).
Please try it here (and leave a comment if you like it - I confess I'm not far from abandonning this blog - not sure anyone is interested enough).