samedi, juillet 28, 2007

DEITY GUNS, Trans Lines Appointment + Loom EP (no wave, 1993)

With (but before) SISTER IODINE (you've found their live performance further in this blog), DEITY GUNS were the main band of the french "no-wave" (avant-rock?) underground music during the 90s. They only made one album before evolving and changing their name in BASTARD. This album, produced by Lee Ranaldo and obviously strongly influenced by early SONIC YOUTH, is one of the best of this genre in my opinion - listen to the opening track for example.
As a "bonus", you'll also find their EP, by far not as good as the LP, but nervertheless rather interesting.
You should absolutely try DEITY GUNS, it's here.
More information (in french) here.

jeudi, juillet 26, 2007

CROMAGNON, Orgasm (1969, pre-industrial psych folk?)

Hard to describe in my poor english... Let's say first that the music corresponds with the band's and album's name... it's rather fascinating though not easy to listen to (really not!), it can be refered to other "hard folk" albums from the same period (like COMUS for instance), with a strong psychedelic "comune" touch. Because it's a little noisy and distorted, it can be considered a pre-THROBBING GRISTLE or EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN concept, but comparison with ANIMAL COLLECTIVE (with more craziness) is probably more appropriate.
Take the risk of listening to it by downloading it here, then buy it there.
(after SEVENTH SONS re-release, it's another reissue from the ESP label).

mercredi, juillet 25, 2007

SEVENTH SONS, Raga (psych mantra, 1964)

What may surprise everyone about this recording is the year it was made... 1964, and listen to this! AMON DÜÜL would make the same kind of weird psychedelia in 1968 / 69.
It consists in one single long and freak track, it's surprising but also, I admit, a little boring maybe. But at the time it was played and even released (4 years later), it must have been a shock for those who were there!
Try it here, then buy it there if you like it.

vendredi, juillet 20, 2007

KRAUTROCK TOP50 by Julian Cope

Woouuch!! Thanks to MauroFelipe76, here is a page where you'll find 50 links (!!) to download the top50 krautrock albums described by Julian Cope in his exciting book about krautrock. Of course, most of them are highly recommandable. I think there will be enough good stuff for the end of summer!

This 50 links forum is here. Enjoy!!

STEREOLAB, Miss Modular (japanese single)

Sorry not to post more things, but I really don't have time these days...
Here is a japanese version of the single CD of "Miss Modular" by STEREOLAB. In my opinion, it would not have been interesting without this outstanding remix version of "Refractions in the plastic pulse" by AUTECHRE (track 3). Even if you really don't like STEREOLAB, you may love it!
Try this here.

mercredi, juillet 11, 2007

MIKA VAINIO, Titanik (1998, electronic drone)

The complete title is Titanikin Juhlakantaatti. Probably rather rare, though I'm not sure, a single track by PAN SONIC's MIKA VAINIO, one of his best electronic distruction / distorted drones, especially the first half, and probably palyed live with his prehistoric vintage synths that sound so warm. It still seems available on Boomkat .
If you can't buy it, try it here . Enjoy!

jeudi, juillet 05, 2007

CODE III, Planet of man (krautrock, 1974)

Krautrock again, thanks to TURZI who has just released in second album "A" and makes me listen again and again to krautrock and "psychedelic underground" (for the moment, YA HO WA 13 and THE FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND, and the french AME SON too).
I wanted to upload this incredible kraut-folk-experimental album, when I realized CURVED AIR has already done it. So it's not new on music blog, but it's so good that I could'nt help sharing it too.
Hard to make any comparison for this really bizarre album, the only one by this mysterious band. A touch of FAUST, with much more eastern influence; a gloomy folk that reminds me of DOM's incredible "Edge of time" (to share later maybe?); and probably a general atmosphere that is not far from SAND's Ultrasonic Seraphim. An incredible trip you have to experiment!
Thanks to CURVED AIR you can download it here.