lundi, décembre 31, 2007

S. TELLIER, Mr. OIZO, SEBASTIAN - Steak (2007, electro-pop)

Sorry but these days I don't have time to post all I'd like to share.
Here is a "lite" post : this soundtrack sounds like a brilliant joke, but maybe only a joke. It's vintage electro-pop music, somewhere between Moroder and french comedy soundtrack from the 80s.
As a bonus, you'll find in the file the new SEBASTIEN TELLIER's single, remixed by SEBASTIAN.
Discover here this electro-pop soundtrack from a movie that nobody (almost) has seen.

PS : someone has noticed that there's one track missing in one of the TELLIER live perfomances I've posted sooner. The reason is that this track has no interest at all, it's a short track from the 2nd album. If you really want it, please ask and I'll try to post it.

mercredi, décembre 12, 2007

ALAIN GORAGUER, La Planète Sauvage (1973, psych pop)

One of my best posts. This is the soundtrack that strongly influenced AIR for "the virgin suicides" - some tracks sound almost the same. It's one of my favourite 70s albums, among some krautrock classics like AGITATION FREE's "Malesh" or IKARUS (sorry for my permanent references to krautrock).The film is an extraordinary and typical psychedelic object from the 70s area, that everyone interested in this culture should have seen - I've seen it maybe 40 times.
You can download the album here, but please, try to buy the soundtrack or the film ("Fantastic Planet" is the english title), it's easy to find on the web.

IMPORTANT : in addition to the CD, I've put some additional music in this file :
> 2 tracks from the film that don't appear on the CD (see excerpt below)
> 1 folk song from the weird film "A TRAVERS LA FORET", directed by Jean-Paul Civeyrac. I don't know the composer, but this song is probably my favourite folk song, though it is very short and simple. In the film, it appears in a magical moment, when the dead boyfriend deeply loved by the girl appears in a dream in her bed. See the trailer here.
> 1 excerpt from Wong Kar Wai's "ASHES OF TIME" (his best film), a moving moment where the actress explains (more or less) that the man she loves has never noticed her. Certainly cheesy but absolutely romantic.

See a clip from LA PLANETE SAUVAGE (containing one of the "additional tracks" of my post :

and here's is the clip from ASHES OF TIME where your find the sound sequence I've pickep up (on minute 7) :

lundi, décembre 10, 2007

RYOKI IKEDA & CARSTEN NIKOLAI, Cyclo (2001, minimal beat)

Those who know Ikeda probably know this recording too : in the Ikeda's way, it consist in sine waves treated in a rythmic way. The main difference with his previous records is the huge compression on the sound, that your sound system may not stand. Not easy to hear as a whole, the album is quite unique and is a must have for any one interested in minimal music.
CD rip at 160kbps (I admit it's probably not enough... sorry).
Try it here.

vendredi, décembre 07, 2007

MINA, Kryptonite (1999, electro-pop)

160kbps, on MassMirror.
1st album - you are maybe one of the 43 persons who were lucky to download "A to B", available further on this blog.
Honnestly, I don't have listened much to this album, I had lost it, and have just found it out. It seems to sound more "funky" than their 2nd, same sound, but probably weaker melodies. But consider it's a "must have" in those rainy days (in France, I don't know elsewhere) to have a nice week-end.
For your pleasure, download it here.

mardi, décembre 04, 2007

TIMOTHY LEARY, Turn on, tune in, drop out (1967, spoken psych ambient)

Extraordinary "psych spoken words" by drug guru(?) TIMOTHY LEARY. Those who like THROBBING GRISTLE's Genesis P. Orridge may consider LEARY his ancestor - some of his most ambient / spoken albums sound almost the same!
I don't like spoken words : belive me, there is much in "Turn on...", with magic sounds from beyond, beautiful voices, wonderful textures and noises, and even a few melodies.
Discovered through a psychic blog (I don't remember which one - see in "best links" - it's my turn to share it now. "I'm drowning, I'm drowning!". Brrrrgh.....
Find it on Rapidshare or on MassMirror.

MINA, A to B (2001, synth pop)

I've seen MINA playing on stage just before STEREO TOTAL in their 2001 tour in Paris - they also share the same record label, Bungalow. Very interesting live, as their "synth pop" is actually played live, with rock instruments : drums, guitar, nass guitar, an old Roland RS2 organ, nothing more (no vocal). Please listen to the album more than once, it takes several times to appreciate it entirely. It's very well composed, with excellent melodies.
I think it's probably their 2nd album, if you want I can share their first (not so good as this one).
Please try it here (and leave a comment if you like it - I confess I'm not far from abandonning this blog - not sure anyone is interested enough).

mardi, novembre 27, 2007

THE OUT CROWD, Then I say the holy city (2004, drug rock)

By ex-BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE's member Matt Hollywood. Those who've seen DIG know who he is. To be honest, this album sounds like a imitation of BJM's music, almost the same voice and same style in guitar playing and melodies. Nevertheless, some good songs in the album. But let's be honest : it's probably only for BJM's and DIG's fans.
If you want, try it here.

lundi, novembre 26, 2007

ROGER ROTOR, Substract 7 (1998, low analog techno?)

aka "Live at the Rohstofflager 25.6.1998", CD-R x 2. No artwork.
My english is not good enough to describe ROTOR's music. Long analog tracks that could be compared with RICHIE HAWTHIN or PAN SONIC, but warmer, less experimental. It could be descripted as a "low techno" and may remind "The Köner Experiment" by EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH to those who have downloaded it.
In one word : very exciting and "head in the wall" (my expression), but... each track is probably far too long! A reason for that is that it's recorded live with old synths (Korg SQ10, MS20, MS50 etc...) and it's long to change sounds and structures with them.
Download this live album in 2 parts : part 1 and part 2.

mardi, novembre 20, 2007

DIG! nostalgia & Drug Rock

As the distributor of the movie DIG! in theatres in France, true emotion when finding a blog called "Music to take drug to". This marvelous blog shares some of the bands we like here : Spacemen 3, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the totally underated Dandy Warhols who made so many good pop songs, Spectrum, Warlocks, Galaxy 500 etc... And, most of all, you can (or could) download DIG! there! Of course, as a hard worker for "cinema industry" I would advise to buy it, particularly in its american or australian edition (and even spanish, but certainly not the french one!!). Believe me, it's probably the best rock documentary ever, and one of the most exciting movies in the 5 last years, probably the best film I've been working on! Can you believe that is was almost impossible to show it in France, no exhibitor wanted it!?
Here are some posters / adverts we made when the film was released in France. Much better than the american poster no?
When will I have another film like this to work on..?

Please visit the designers CHECK MORRIS' website

vendredi, novembre 16, 2007


My favourite TG recording, but unfortunatly I don't know much about it, except that it's been released in CD only, thus it was not in the official TG's discography initially.
Those who don't know the famous industrial band can begin with this release, as it's probably their most "pop ambient" effort. Rythms, dark atmospheres, I consider CD1 the most achieved recording they made.
Download it here.
And don't hesitate to purchase the album they recorded last year, when reformed, "The Endless Not", on Amazon or, better, in your records store. Personaly, I was really afraid that it might be a bad try of new electro-industrial music, and it's the contrary : vintage sounds, new spirit, and definitly TG!

mercredi, novembre 14, 2007

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH, Live at the Dream Palace Orleans (1997, drone)

2 tracks for this extreme drone show. I really like it, but let's confess that it may interest E.A.R fans or drone freaks firstly. Analog synths give their best.
Download it here.

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH, Phenomena 256 (1996, analog drones)

Another classic album by my favourite drone band. "Phenomena 256" and its sister album "Beyond the pale" (recorded more or less in the same sessions) are probably the most achieved albums E.A.R made. Unlike other later recordings, a true band is playing there, and what a band!
Sonic Boom : Feedback, Synthi VCS3, Drones
Eddie Prevost : Bowed Cymbal
Kevin Martin : Treated Saxophone
Tom Prentice : Electric viola
Scott Riley : Hammer Guitar
Pete Bain : Lap Steel Guitar
Alf Hardy : Voltage Control Adviser

Download it on this MassMirror link.

vendredi, novembre 09, 2007

TERRE THAEMLITZ, Soil / Couture Cosmétique (1995 / 1997 - data ambient)

By request (partly).
Re-up @ 256kps of THAEMLITZ masterpiece "Soil" - believe me, anyone will fall in love of 2 or 3 tracks there (at least t.2 and last t.).
"Couture Cosmétique" is too often boring in my opinion, which is a pitty because there are many interesting parts in it. I've been trying to buy some other recordings by THAEMLITZ, but I confess I've often met deception.

"Soil" & "Couture Cosmétique" can be downloaded in 3 parts on MassMirror (if it works...) :
Couture 1-8
Couture 9 / Soil 1-3
Soil 4-6

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH, The Koner Experiment (1997)

Maybe I've already posted this...
Extraordinary collaboration between E.A.R (Sonic Boom & friends) and PORTER RICKS's Thomas Köner. Mix E.A.R analog textures & bowed instruments with Köner low frequency and metronomic pulses (those your neighbours won't like) and that's it. In my opinion it's absoluteluly unique, one of the 10 marsterpieces of my collection. At first glance you may think that the 10 tracks are pretty the same... Then listen carefully tracks 2 and 5! Wouawh, headbanging in the walls!!

Download this fabulous album here.

lundi, novembre 05, 2007

TIM HECKER, Trade winds, White Noise (2003?, electronic soundscapes)

For those who don't know TIM HECKER, let's say that he's a kind of ambient version of FENNESZ : excellent "granular syntesis", beautiful, clouddy and dreamy tones - all the things I love.
This recording was part of a belgian magazine, "PARACHUTE". I don't know if it's been released separately, before or after.
You'll find it on this Rapidshare link - no cover art.

dimanche, octobre 28, 2007

KIM CASCONE, Cathodeflower (space ambient, 1999)

You'll find now 3 albums from the "Ritornell" series released by Mille Plateaux, a electronic label that unfortunatly does not exist any more and that was probably important for me.
KIM CASCONE's is a very spacy affair, a sound interpretation of cosmos, if it means something. Personnally I love it!
Download it on Rapidshare here .

STILLUPPSTEYPA, Interferences are often requested (industrial ambient, 1999)

STILLUPPSTEYPA made many albums of weird industrial / electronic ambient. From those I know, this one is one of the most electronic and "modern" they made. Very intelligent constructions and warm sounds. Try it here.
No artwork found (same as A. RABELAIS, different color)

AKIRA RABELAIS, Elongated pentagonal pyramid (industrial ambient, 1999?)

Beautiful minimalist and almost melodic piece by AKIRA RABELAIS. From the 3 albums I have, this is the best one by far. Nice textures in this ambient album Nothing more to add, except that you have to try it here.

mardi, octobre 23, 2007

VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA, Score + Philipp Schatz (1998?, avant-rock)

Nothing special to celebrate the 100.000 visitors since the beginning of this blog last year... I'm really sorry, no time to prepare anything. Thanks for your support, and be conscious I ALWAYS read your comments and try to follow what they say.

This time I share the first 2 albums by the german band VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA, a band that should have been much more reputed in a period when GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR met success. They share with them similar sounds and atmospheres, but their tracks are shorter, more various, and probably stronger (not as boring, symphonic and repetitive as GODSPEED).
"Score", is particularly good and sounds as a classic "avant-rock" album for me. You should begin with it before listening to "Philipp Schatz".
If you read AMG's review you'll see a 3rd album is mentionned. I don't have it, anyone maybe will share it..?

Thanks for your attention. Enjoy VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA's music here.

jeudi, octobre 18, 2007

THE SERPENTS, You have just been poisoned by The Serpents (1998, psych / avant-rock)

Why isn't this album the absolute masterpiece it could have been? Maybe the vocals... maybe useless tracks. I don't know, but be sure you'll find there an incredible mixture of folk, space rock, experimental tracks, somewhere between GODSPEED YOU MY BLACK EMPEROR, NURSE WITH WOUND, FAUST and the likes, and even maybe, BROADCAST. Too eclectic maybe?
Those who love GODSPEED may have been seduced by the kind of supergroup they are (how many members? 10?)... THE SERPENTS are an impressive list of more than 30 names! Jon Savage, who wrote so many books about punk rock, is one of them. I don't know the others.
It's not a surprise Julian Cope wrote something about them. Read his review here and download the album there.
Comments are always welcome, request and demands too!

COLD SUN, Dark Shadows (1970, pop-psych)

Not an upload of my own, but as I've been listening almost only for this album for one week I wanted to share it with friends of my blog (about this, thanks for the encouraging words by Leon).
I really know nothing about the band, to my ears it sounds like a weird mix of retro-pop-psychedelia, with magnificent rhodes (probably) lines and fine guitar works. An album full of surprise, with beautiful melodies. Today I've listened to the 1st track a dozen times, I hope you'll do the same! The only problem maybe : most songs seem to sound the same at first glance. But be patient!
Download it on BLACK ACID.
And what about a cover of this track!? Well, maybe I'll try for fun next week.
About covers : I will post in the next weeks a AMON DUUL 2 cover and a SAND cover I made this year - remember I'm a huge fan of kraut, I could spend years covering all my favourite tunes!

mardi, octobre 16, 2007

BRISE-GLACE, When in Vanitas (1994, avant-rock)

At last, I'm back - the blog is not abandonned yet! But I had problems with Mass Mirror where it's seems to be impossible to upload files...
BRISE GLACE is a typical "supergroup" you could have met in the 70s in prog / space rock, but actually it's from the "avant-rock" scene of the 90s. Who in the supergroup?
> Jim O'Rourke (before his SONIC YOUTH adventures),
> Dave Grubbs (GASRT DEL SOL),
> Gene Coleman (from the jazz / improv scene),
> Henry Kaiser (guitar imrpviser to compare with Fred Frith),
> Christoph Heemann (HNAS),
> and the album is produced by Steve Albini! Wouch!!
Listen carefully to the 1st two tracks, they are outstanding!
You can download it on this Rapidshare link.

mercredi, octobre 03, 2007


Some of the covers I like to make, music for my own pleasure.
I listen to the very lo-fi covers of 80s hits I made with a friend of mine, and I confess that I'm proud of some of them. If you are curious or / and interested in the exercice of covers, listen to them on MySpace, and dont't hesitate to rate them and tell which one is good and which one is shit.

On MySpace you'll hear my proposition for :
> a-Ha : I've been losing you
> Duran Duran : A view to a kill
> Madonna : Live to tell
> Modern Talking : You're my heart...

Thanks for your comments / support.
AND : if you make covers too, don't hesitate to tell, and post the links where we can hear them!

mardi, octobre 02, 2007

SIGNAL, Waves+Lines (1997)

End of my minimalist series - maybe I'll post more recordings later.
This EP's name is a pretty good description for the music, though this short CD contains tracks that are not as minimalist as NOTO's album (previously posted). Indeed, the first track sounds almost as a kind of minimalist BOARDS OF CANADA.
"Signal is Olaf Bender aka Byetone, Frank Bretschneider aka Komet, Carsten Nicolai aka Noto, all raster-noton core. This cd is not a fully official release and quite rare." (says
Download it here.

NOTO, Kerne (1998)

I'm sorry, no time for a good description.
This recording will probably interest a minority of "frequencies" addicts, as it is only made with sine waves (like all the NOTO albums I think). Very cold music! But it's really good. Can you imagine a minimalist version of Ryoji Ikeda or Pan Sonic? That's it. NOTO has become ALVA NOTO for his next recordings (with a more complex but less interesting sound).
For your next party, download this album urgently " here!

lundi, octobre 01, 2007

FAKESH / ESTERMANN Beta EP + DE LUCA M.A.S EP (electronica)

2 EP rips.
In 98 / 2000 I really loved FUNKSTORUNG, whose "Disctruction" seemed for me to sound as a real "electro-pop revolution", as a melodic adaptation of the abstract world of AUTECHRE. At this time I bought these two EPs, that contain some of their best work, each member of the band by his side.
"Beta" is a collaborative picture disc EP between André Estermann and Michael Fakesch (from FUNKSTORUNG). I don't know much about ESTERMANN, let's say that I confess I've discovered that he had his own side only when I've ripped the EP several days ago. Both sides are a really good examples of "breakbeat pop" with fine melodies, far from the last incarnation of FUNKSTORUNG (no rap here).
Same coment for the DE LUCA EP, that has nothing in common with his own album "Deadly with za disko" (I sell this one to anyone interested).
Find this 2 fine "abstract breakbeat" EPs here.
You'll have to wait for the artwork - I must take pictures of them.
Thanks for your comments.

mercredi, septembre 26, 2007

KOSMOS S/T E.P + PHILUS Kolmio EP (1996 / 1998, electronica)

2 vinyl EP rips.
KOSMOS is Mika Vainio+Jimi Tenor. An interesting mixture of their musical worlds : minimalist and rather cosmic. Not a must have, but a surprising and refreshing LP.
PHILUS is one of the many side projects by PAN SONIC's Mika Vainio. Minimalist techno with some really good hypnotic ideas. A CD was released later, it was more experimental and non-rythmic. So begin with this EP. Sorry, my vinyl is slightly dammaged, you"ll hear it.
Download these 2 EPs here.

If you don't read french again, you may not have noticed that I've uploaded here the good but maybe too "cold " performance by PAN SONIC in Paris last week here (Paris, Nouveau Casino, 22.9.2007).

I performed before them as PUZZLE KIT, the curious will find here the audience recording, and there line mix. I define my live music as "psych electronics", somewhere between synth music, industrial sounds and drones, but describe it as you want. I only use anallog synthetizers : Korg MS20 and Polysix, Roland SH5 and JX-3P, Sequential Circuits SixTrak. Almost nothing is programmed. In my opinion it's funniest to feel that everything is played live, when you don't only puch buttons on a rythm box or a laptop. So there are mistakes too! You'll tell me.

Thanks for your attention and support!

lundi, septembre 24, 2007

PAN SONIC / PUZZLE KIT, live Paris Nouveau Casino 22.9.2007

D'abord en Français :
Voilà les enregistrements de la soirée :
> ici le set de PAN SONIC, pas facile à écouter. Le son bien gras n'est pas du genre à rentrer correctement dans un micro de 1,5cm, ça donne un truc très sourd. Bon témoignage quand même. On mesurera la différence par rapport aux concerts enregistrés en 98 et 99 : plus bourrin et plus froid, mécanique, aussi. Donc moins bien à mon goût, mais vraiment très fort quand même. Pour qui s'y intéresseraient, leur boîte à rythme est une Korg Electribe SX, dont le transfo perdu dans l'avion, a été remplacé in extremis par une fabricatio n maison du Nouveau Casino - quel talent. Sinon le concert sautait, et moi avec.

> le set de PUZZLE KIT, mon set quoi, au cas plaisant où il intéresserait du monde, en 2 versions : version "audience" avec le même matos que PAN SONIC, et version direct 8 pistes, où en entend mieux les fautes - mais son direct vraiment meilleur bien sûr.
Commentaires / regrets :
- piste 2 : le son en saccade aurait dû être beaucoup plus sec (mauvaise gestion de l'écho, qui aurait dû "spatialiser" au lieu de "réverberer"), des sons qui ne sortent pas, et 2 fausses notes dans la montée. ça ne commençait pas très bien.
- piste 6 : à trois reprises c'est pas du tout le bon son qui est sorti du JX, donc pour moi c'est tout faux mais on m'a dit qu'au contraire ça faisait "riche". En tout cas ça explique pourquoi la rythmique est si longue.
- les parties sont enchaînées un peu vite : pistes 4 et 5 auraient durer un peu plus (non?).
- piste 4 est la 2è partie de "Triceratops" qu'on entend sur MySpace, piste 5 une interprétation de "LoFi Sintesis" joué en 97 avec des fréquences d'ordi 8bit mixées sur 4 pistes (cf. MySpace aussi). Pas certain qu'on reconnaisse.
Voilà, j'espère que ça vous a plu.

AUTO-PROMO : Qui veut proposer une date est le bienvenu, prière de laisser un message dans les comments.

jeudi, septembre 20, 2007

AUTO-PROMO (dernier rappel)

Voilà, le concert est passé, les 2 sets seront bientôt en ligne. Merci à tous ceux qui ont témoigné leur soutien ou leur goût pour la chose, toute la préparation n'aura pas été vaine (malgré quelques bosn ratés).
En attendant la mise en ligne les plus curieux qui veulent écouter mes extraits "studio" (8 pistes ou GarageBand donc) ça se passe toujours sur MonEspace ici.

Le KIT était pour l'occasion :
> effets Kaos Pad et rack Boss (pour guitare) en complément.
> mixage en direct sur 8 pistes

samedi, septembre 15, 2007



All the Paris events are recorded by myself - variable quality.
No new recording here, it's only a compilation of the live performances I've posted from almost a year now.

PAN SONIC Paris Le Garage, 26.6.1998 - extraordinary performance.

PAN SONIC, Unknown live 1999

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE Live at Gladtree Festival, Amherst 9.4.2004

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE Live at Fernwood, 20.5.2005

BROADCAST, Paris Café de la danse, 29.9.2003 - quality ok, not so interesting in my opinion.

TURZI, Paris Point FMR, 21.3.2006 - excellent show, not recorded from the beginning - krautrock for everyone!

TURZI, Live Paris Boule Noire, 28.6.2007 - excellent too, but check the previous one before

ELYSIAN FIELDS, Paris Café de la Danse 3.5.2006 - rather good but a little boring on the long run.

ADD N TO (X), Paris Nouveau Casino, 25.10.2002 - last show in Paris before the band split, Ann Shenton had left.

STEREOLAB, Paris Trabendo, 17.3.2004 - very good show.

DANDY WARHOLS, Live Paris Locomotive 28.10.2005 - music is ok but the sound is not realy good.

BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, Paris La Cigale, 26.6.2006 - same comment.

MELLOW, Paris Café de la Danse, 3.2.2004 - really good retro-pop, good recording conditions.

BEN'S SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA, Paris Pop'In, 17.12.2004 - extraordinary retro-pop, but really bad sound!! What a pity the audience was so noisy! DEAD LINK - I try to fix soon.

SEBASTIEN TELLIER, Paris New Morning 20.1.2004 - best of the 3 recordings here - if you do not know this melancolic pop / folk / vintage electronic music, download it!

SEBASTIEN TELLIER, Live Paris New Morning 29.4.2004

SEBASTIEN TELLIER, Live Paris Café de la danse 6.6.2006 - with a different band, interesting to compare with the 2 other recordings.

DAVIDE BALULA, Paris, Café de la Danse, 29.9.2003 - one of my best picks, fabulous minimalist folk + slight electronic device - if you're in FENNESZ and / or COCOROSIE you have to try it, very good recording conditions.

CHRISTIAN FENNESZ Paris, Nouveau Casino, 17.12.2001 / Paris, La Villette, 22.9.2004 - each FENNESZ live show is like a new album, except "Nouveau Casino" with tracks from "Endless Summer".

FENNESZ + PATTON, Live Paris Trabendo, 8.6.2007 same comment, very good recording - too short.

FENNESZ / TIM HECKER, Live in Nanterre, Maison de la musique, France - 1.6.2007 - 2 separate performances.

SPARKLEHORSE+FENNESZ, Paris Café de la danse, 9.9.2003 - an interesting mix of their different music.

LEGENDARY PINK DOTS Live in Nantes, Le Floride, France, 2.12.1992 1st part and 2nd part - from the desk.

FAUST, Paris Nouveau Casino 7.11.2006 - not recorded from the begining. Not really interesting to listen to at home.

COMETS ON FIRE, live Paris Point Ephemere, 23.5.2007

COMETS ON FIRE, "Bon Voyage" live

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, Paris Batofar, 30.11.2002 - not so extraordinary as we could think.

SISTER IODINE Paris Blues du Nord, 26.3.1991 historical interest only for fans of the band.

SISTER IODINE St Malo 27.11.1994 - very good quality, a very good performance influenced by the weirdest SONITH YOUTH.

SISTER IODINE Paris Le Garage, 2.1997 (Q : 3/5 - ici ré enregistré, qualité plus fine) - good too, nothing in common, in 3 years their music has considerably changed - influenced by JIM O'ROURKE of the same area (maybe...)

SISTER IODINE Paris Mutualité, 8.2.1999 - historical interest only, no rock'n roll instruments any more here, just computers! DEAD LINK - I try to fix soon.

SISTER IODINE Paris Maroquinerie, 20.6.2005 - back to weird rock. rather good.

SISTER IODINE Paris Point Ephémère, 2.11.2006 - back to waeurd rock - much better.

NURSE WITH WOUND, live Paris Trabendo 8.6.2007 - good quality - first show in France ever.

EARTH, Paris Point Ephémère, 17.2.2006 - good quality, but they've released quite the same thing since this recording, with "Hibernaculum". Still really intersting!

SUNN O))) Paris, Point Ephémère, 17.2.2006 - extraordinary live show, but problem with my mic around half the recording (no battery any more, the quality in sound changes - but it's ok).

SUNN O))) Paris, Nouveau Casino, 7.4.2005 - really good too, though not so varied.

WHITEHOUSE, Paris Nouveau Casino 11.12.2003 - fabulous industrial show - but you should have been there!

vendredi, septembre 14, 2007

THE GOD MACHINE, Scenes From The Second Storey (1993, indie rock)

Listening to ISIS, a band recommended by a friend, the sound and style of their good music reminded me those (even better) of THE GOD MACHINE, a band I really loved in the 90s. The wall of guitars, coming typically from the noise / grunge area, are subtly combined with accoustic instruments (guitars and piano) to create various emotions, from rage to despair. Maybe a bit too long, with some tracks in the second half not as good as the 1st halof of the album.
(Re-)discover this important album here.

mercredi, septembre 12, 2007

PAN SONIC, Live 1999

Once more, it's related to their live performance coming soon in Paris, where I support my favourite electronic band - how lucky I am.
This live performance recorded in good conditions in 1999 comes from the Napster period, I don't remember precisely when and where it was recorded. Very powerful stuff here! For those who don't know PAN SONIC well, don't forget all the music you hear is played absolutely live, there are no laptop nor sampler (well, maybe a sampler, but I'm not sure), each live performance is different from the previous they made.
Even if it won't be enough to wait for their live show in your town, you can download this one here.
And don't forget to buy their incredible new album, on Amazon (here in french) or in your favorite records store.

mardi, septembre 11, 2007

CHRISTIAN DEATH, All the love / All the hate (1989)

Nothing special to say about this double concept album, written, composed and played by Valor almost alone (the other members left just before). Indeed, you may feel that it's typically a studio album, that there's not a whole band playing the music.
It's also the first try of Valor in "heavy metal", particularly in "All the hate" (as you guess, "All the love" is softer). Some good tracks are not enough to save this rather bad double-album. For fans only - download it here :

vendredi, septembre 07, 2007

mercredi, septembre 05, 2007

CHRISTIAN DEATH, Atrocities (1986, death rock)

First C.D's album composed by Valor after Rozz Williams left the band, "Atrocities" can be considered the best album they made, to compare with their debut and all time classic "Only theatre of pain" (but in a different and much more various style). Furious distorted guitars, dark or sweet ballads, you'll find many things to be satisfied with in the recording. Thus, what a pity the typically 80s production is not better on some tracks, where (I find) the snare drums are much too loud!
Find this dark classic album here.

NB : if I share this one, it's partly because of the awful artwork Cleopatra made for the re-edition, it's a shame (why do they change the artwork???). The original one was another thing! More information on their complete discography here.

jeudi, août 30, 2007

CHRISTIAN DEATH, a compilation (81/94, death rock)

Change of style.
Yes, a short"gothic" visit in the world of CHRISTIAN DEATH - inventor of the "death rock" (sort of dark punk rock). Not to be confused with the cheap and marketed gothic styled black / heavy metal you meet nowdays with such bands as Cradle of Filth, Marylin Manson etc...

Ok, recently CHRISTIAN DEATH has become one of them, in their later incarnation. But in the 80s, it was a completly different story : created by Rozz Williams, their 1st incarnation released one cult album, "Only Theatre of Pain", regarded as an absolute underground and "batcave" classic : distorted guitars (almost "ring modulated" - to compare with early SONIC YOUTH, yes!), confused drums from beyond, and this desperate voice - in comparison the saddest Robert Smith almost sounds like Sinatra.

After that, the band dissolved, Williams continuing with members of POMPEII 99 (I'm looking for the albums, if they exist, could you share them?), their leader Valor playing the guitar. 2 good albums were made, in a much softer style. This kind of "classic period" is rather dark, but not really "gothic" in my opinion.

Then, Rozz chose to leave the band, Valor becoming the main composer / singer / producer. To my ears, the 2 albums he made from this point, "Atrocities" and "The Scriptures", are 2 dark / psych / punk mixed rock masterpieces, and should be considered by every "weird rock" fans as such. Of course, everything is not good, but the music here is incredibly eclectic. It even reminds me of some krautrock bands like AMON DUUL2 who ignore boundaries in music.

At the end of the 80s, Valor and his friends made 3 contrasted albums, keeping on trying new styles : you'll find some really good things, but so many horrible tunes too... Don't try "All the Love / all the hate" first if you want to enter CHRISTIAN DEATH discography, this imitation of heavy metal is rarely successful. Then Valor stopped.
He came back in the 90s with a new band and made one inspired album, "Sexy Death God" but, unfortunenatly, turned later into black metal parody of little merit (and no interest at all), maybe because he'd gained the interest of the young goth metal fans who possibly consider C.D a godfather of the dark music. Don't loose yourself in this period.

To confuse us a little more, note that while everybody thought he was dead, Rozz Williams came back in the 90s too, with his own CHRISTIAN DEATH (there was a trial for the use of the name) that has nothing in common with Valor's. In my opinion, the 2 or 3 albums and the dozens of live and re-takes sessions of old tracks are rather pretentious and not really interesting, despite what some early fans may think - Rozz finally suicides in 1998, that's probably the reason. On the contrary his band called SHADOW PROJECT, with the same members as this CHRISTIAN DEATH incarnation, made an excellent album (their 1st, untitled) very similar to "Only theatre of pain", with some tracks composed in the early years but that were never recorded...

Ooch, sorry I was long, but it's not easy to explain. Please take a look to All Music Guide, where a very good biography has been made.

For the beginners, I tried a best of, to be heared in chronological order, with this track listing :
1. Deathwish (demo, 1981)
2. Desperate Hell (demo, 1981)
3. Spiritual Cramp (only theatre of pain, 1982)
4. Romeo's Distress (only theatre of pain, 1982)
5. The Drowning (a catastrophe ballet, 1984)
6. As evening falls (a catastrophe ballet, 1984)
7. Lament (Ashes, 1985)
8. The Danzig Waltz (Atrocities, 1986)
9. Chimère de-si de-là (Atrocities, 1986)
10. Strange Fortune (Atrocities, 1986)
11. Four Horsemen (The Scriptures, 1987)
12. Golden Age (The Scriptures, 1987)
13. Erection (sex drugs & jesus christ, 1988)
14. Climate of Violence (all the hate, 1989)
15. Angel (all the love, 1989)
16. Woman to Mother Earth(all the love, 1989)
17. Eternal Love (sexy death god, 1994)
18. Temples of Desire (sexy death god, 1994)

Don't look the povocation and the crow's style, just listen. Who can resist to such songs as Romeo's Distress, Strange Fortune or Temples of Desire?
You tell me after having downloaded this compilation here .

MONTAGE, S/T (baroque pop, 1970)

End of Micheal Browne history on the blog.
Between THE LEFT BANKE and THE STORIES, he joined this band called MONTAGE as a guest (uncredited on the original album). What is amazing is that he probably composed all the songs - what did make the other members?? I'm not sure they composed any album later...
You'll find in this album fabulous "summer" songs, the ideal for listening during your holidays. To my hears, the melodies are much more precious here than in the other albums recorded by Micheal Brown, it's the one you chould try if you're not in "baroque pop" (but what does this mean..? It's more or less like the Beatles, finally).
When I discovered this track called "Grand Pianist", in a summer morning (or was it at night?), I probably repeated it at least 10 times in the iPod... Absolutely magic!!

Believe me, once you listen to this, you'll run to find and buy it. For the moment, it's here.

THE STORIES, S/T (1972, baroque pop)

After the end of THE LEFT BANKE and a unique album with MONTAGE, Michael Brown formed THE STORIES with Ian Lloyd, but left the band just after the release of this first album.
In my opinion - but I'm not a specialist - very similar to LEFT BANKE, with some really good tracks. Nevertheless, it has not much in common with the beauty of MONTAGE's unique release...

Try it here if you already know MONTAGE - if not, download (and buy!) MONTAGE before.

mardi, août 28, 2007

THE LEFT BANKE, first 2 albums (1967/68, "baroque" pop)

I don't have much to say about this legendary band I don't know well at all (posted for a friend). They were featured teenage prodigy Micheal Brown, who will later involved in the even more interesting band MONTAGE (who recorded only one but extraordinary album) and in the first incarnation of an other influencial band of the "baroque" pop wave, STORIES (with a very first album too). Just consider that Michael Brown was 16 or 17 when he wrote and performed this music... Ouch, where was I when I was 16??

Here are the good albums before a third (last, and reputedly) bad recording.

lundi, août 27, 2007

CONSOLE, 14 zero zero / Freiburg EPs (2000, electro-pop

Back to work, with 2 funny and exciting electro-pop tunes by CONSOLE, whose albums are not so interesting (but they are ok if you're in electronica). Basically, each EP here consists in 1 track with several versions (and, for both, an original 1979 version by in a post-punk style. Very funny). As a kind of "bonus track", you'll find a promotionnal 3"CD with "the guide to make a a electro-pop masterpiece", with some de-mixed 14zerozero excerpts. Perfect to begin with.
Download these perfect electro-pop hits here

mercredi, août 01, 2007

Ø, Atomit EP (1995, minimal "techno" / electronica)

PAN SONIC's Mika Vainio is under this "no name" Ø, he made many EPs and albums in this genre I think he's invented - you should buy most of them, they are all really fascinating. More information here.
Among those I have, Atomit EP may contain the track I prefer, on side A. Even if you're not too much in minimal electronica you should try!
Find the LP rip here (no artwork found).

QUICKSPACE, The Death of Quicskpace (2000, indie rock)

As I don't know much about this band I've discovered recently, here is AMG's album review : "Taking a step back from the vast scope and experimentalism of their brilliant, sprawling album Precious Falling, Quickspace's Matador debut, The Death of Quickspace, hones in on the group's precarious, invigorating fusion of giddy noise bursts and moody, hypnotic lock grooves."
You've understand this is their last album, and it was a pretty good surprise when llistening to it : for me it sounds as a mix of NEU and early STEREOLAB (but much better), with very good melodies and some interesting textures in the guitar playing.
You'll find the album here.

ULAN BATOR, S/T (1995, no-wave / avant-rock)

Another band from the french "no wave / avant-rock / post-rock" of the mid-90s, aside from DEITY GUNS / BASTARD / SISTER IODINE. ULAN BATOR are probably the less weird of those bands, but not the less interesting. In my opinion, you'll find here strong early AMON DÜÜL2 (particularly in Phallus Dei period) influences mixed with an obvious SONIC YOUTH fascination for weird distorted chords.
It's a very good album you can download here.