mardi, septembre 16, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#39 : NEKTAR, Remember the future (1973)

Back again.
With a second album by NEKTAR, remember I've posted their excellent first album sooner. It's amazing that after a rather good second album, the 3rd one xas absolutely shitty. More surprising then was this extraordinary concept album.
I think there will be 2 categories of people : those who'll love it, and those who'll hate it. The album consists in 2 long "progressive krautrock" tracks (one on each side), sung in the typical progressive way that you may not like. In my opinion, some moments sound so great that the worst moments are quickly forgotten (the beginning is probably the worst!). I'm personnaly impressed by the technical skills, NEKTAR were obviously the kind of musicians that punk rocker wanted to kill! And the album evolves beautifully towards a surprising end : a 5 minutes near disco-funk rock - remember that it was composed in 1972, from this point of view I think NEKTAR were ahead of their time.
I wanted to create more tracks to make it easier to listen to but I didn't have time, maybe I'll try to do it later if you're interested.

For the next posts, my classification does not mean as much as for the 40 first albums : obviously, TANGERINE DREAM, AMON DÜÜL II, ASH RA TEMPEL, NEU or CAN should appear again (and they probably will), but I may forget some of them to favour some other "new" bands.
here is the link (when I forget it, find it on the title of the post).