samedi, juin 30, 2007

BRAINTICKET, Adventure (1980, electronic soundscapes)

By request.
Nothing in common with the albums BRAINTICKET made in the 1st half of the 70s, as it's virtually not the same band (this one is a solo album by their leader I think). Here it's mostly electronic (but not only). Even if it's pretty good, I share it for collectors first, it's not the most interesting thing BRAINTICKET made.
Check on TURZI's own label the upcoming re-issue of the (probably) best album, "Celectial Ocean".
The curious can download "Adventure" here .

TURZI, Live Paris Boule Noire, 28.6.2007 (krautrock)

Was it in 1971? Not at all, but it could have been and this show could have been a passage in time. Excellent performance in a vintage krautrock style (and not "absolutely new, never heard things like that", as I heard in the audience, pfff, no musical culture at all!!). Those who like Neu, Can, Ash Ra Tempel or Agitation Free, and more generally any good psychedelic music, should try this.
So download the boot here then buy the new album "A" there.

Don't forget I've uploaded a previous show sooner (Paris Point Ephemere 21/3/2006), in my opinion it's even better than their last show, and it's still available here.

jeudi, juin 21, 2007

TIN FOIL STARS, Mort aux Vaches (1999)

Another gift from our mysterious french friend, I had no time to listen to it yet. It's the 12th Mort aux Vaches you can download here. If any contributors want to add any other session he can...

For the french :
"Avant de s'appeler Styrofoam et de signer des albums chez Morr (d'abord plutôt bons, ensuite plutôt moins pour cause de virage pop moyennement négocié amha), Arne Van Petegen avançait sous le pseudo de Tin Foil Star. Suivant l'humeur, on sera séduit par ses dérives lunaires monochromes ou alors on trouvera ça un poil chiant. Quoi qu'il en soit, cette session contient une reprise inattendue de Nick Drake."

Download it here.

TIM HECKER, Mort aux Vaches (ambient, 2004)

I really love the first albums produced by TIM HECKER, and I confess that in his recent productions I'm a bit disappointed because there isn't really anything new. In this Mort aux vaches session, it is the same, it's good but it probably could have been excellent. Make your own idea by downloading it here.
Oh, I'm a little ashamed to propose it, as you still can buy it (or so it seems) on the Rough Trade website.

TROUM, Mort aux Vaches (dark ambient, 1999)

No particular information about the band, first I've bought the album for the object only (nice artwork). But listening to it, it appears as a rather fascinating exploration of the "dark side of the drone", with infra echoes and melodies emerging from gloomy noises. Hard to describe because of my english, but honestly it's really worth trying. It's here.

mercredi, juin 20, 2007

OREN AMBARCHI, Mort aux Vaches (drone / ambient, 2001)

Marvellous recording, probably the Mort aux Vaches I prefer. A very deep meditative drone that begins with a soft prepared piano and ends with an incredible "spin" (spined? I don't know the word) drone. Same basis as his album "Suspension", but even better here. Elegant, effective, really moving, brilliant!
If you don't already have it run on this link to download it.
1000 copies.

ROGER ROTOR, Mort aux Vaches (vintage electronics, 2000)

Hum... not bad! Even if it's not the ROTOR's release I prefer, it's a pretty good one. A little too fast for me maybe, when I prefer his downtempo techno (does it mean anything?) tracks.
For those who don't know ROTOR's music, it's quite unique (for me at least), made only with vintage synths and drums, like all the Korg MS series (10, 20, 50 etc...), Prophet 600, MiniMoog and so on, used with much intelligence and virtuosity. Sometimes it's not far from Pansonic's music, except that ROTOR uses more the typical filters of vintage synths, and his tracks are longer, more hypnotic.
You can try it here. 600 copies were made.

MITCHELL AKIYAMA, Mort aux Vaches (2005)

Another Mort aux Vaches uploaded by my mysterious french friend. And for sure a very good one this time! If you're in CHRISTIAN FENNESZ / TIM HECKER things (remember, I've posted some live performances of both) you won't be disappointed.
Once more in the Mort aux Vaches series, incredible artwork, made of metal (bronze maybe? I don't know much about this...).
Anyway, if you don't have it listen to it by downloading it here .

CONTRASTATE, Mort aux Vaches (1996)

Thanks to an unknown friend who posted them in comments some new Mort aux Vaches links.
For this one, I did not have time to listen to it... So, as I did, you can try it here (very nice artwork).

mardi, juin 19, 2007

ZOVIET FRANCE, Mort aux Vaches (ambient, 1998)

Nothing particular about this rather good but also rather boring performance by ZOVIET FRANCE, as it looks like what they were making in this period (like "In-Version", but unfortunately not as good; maybe more like "Digilogue", I don't remember well). Personaly I like these Nord Lead sounds (or is it anything else?), it's a pretty good minimalist electronic soundscape, but I confess I have not listened to it for a long time...
Download it here .

Please note I'll have 4 or 5 more Mort aux Vaches CDs to share, and no more...

jeudi, juin 14, 2007

PAN SONIC / CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE, Mort aux Vaches (drone, 2000)

Of historical interest only, and for the collectors.
Honestly, I'm an absolute fan of Pan Sonic since I saw them live in 1998, and I really like Palestine. But listen to this... It's never interesting in my opinion, just borring. A major deception to my ears.

But you wanted some Mort aux Vaches, so you'll have some.
This one here.

re-up : TURZI live Paris Point Ephemere, 21.3.2006

I'm not sure the old lilnk was working.
If you're in krautrock or modern psychedelic rock, you have to know Turzi, whose 2nd album has just been released - I have not listened to it yet. More info on his MySpace I suppose. Great "modern" krautrock (but with the "old sound" we love), somewhere between Neu and Ash Ra Tempel, with an Agitation Free touch. Played live, it's very tense, there are not many bands that give such a psychedelic impression on scene.
Try this live show (imcomplete, I was late at the show!) here.

Et pour les copains de Paris, Turzi joue au Point FMR le 21 juin à la fête de la musique, même que c'est gratuit, à voir absolument!!

dimanche, juin 10, 2007

NURSE WITH WOUND, live Paris Trabendo 8.6.2007

What a crazy night... 15mn after PATTON / FENNESZ, it was NWW's turn. It is their first performance in France (and how many in the world from their beginning..? Maybe 10?). I must say that NWW was maybe the band that initiated me to "difficult" sounds 15 years ago. And, more recently, I discovered krautrock and its extraordiary word thanks to Steve Stapleton too.
In such a case, you're really afraid to be disappointed : I imagined Stapleton alone with samples and a mixer and nothing more. But it was far from that : a 10 meter long table with so many things that I cannot describe them (guitar, sound generators, toys, bikes etc... almost everything played live, except the drums), 4 guys (Stapleton, Collin Potter and??) + David Tibet singing on the first and last track, + legendary french underground musician Jac Berrocal singing his own track "Rock'n roll session".
In this 1 hour long performance, you'll find everything we like in NWW : gloomy atmospheres, threatening but sometimes funny sounds, industrial attacks and "groovy" kraut rythms. Extraordinary night (but my pirate tape may not translate the tension we had during the show).
Enjoy it here.

FENNESZ / PATTON, Live Paris Trabendo, 8.6.2007

(photo form another show)
Wouch!! I almost don't know Mike Patton, but one week after a live performance you'll find below, Fennesz made once again something different, and I confess Patton made some incredible and powerfull things just with his voice and some simple effect device. A little too short maybe (35mn), but perfect!!
You'll find this performance here.
Reminder for another FENNESZ collaboration posted in this blog : FENNESZ with SPARKLEHORSE link is still active, and it's a very good performance too.

samedi, juin 09, 2007

MUSLIMGAUZE, Mort aux vaches

Honestly I'm a bit disappointed, you don't seem to be so many to want some "Mort aux vaches" albums...
So I may not share all the CDs I stated bellow, but I've begun the job, so... Here is the 1st.
The main problem with the MUSLIMGAUZE's is that it consists in one single track, sometimes it's excellent, sometimes so so, but of course it's hard with your CD to choose the track you'd like to listen and you have to listen to it as a whole. Even if I'm really not a specialist of MUSLIMGAUZE, I think his Mort aux vaches is one of his very good albums.
Can anyone help to say what the good albums are, among the 600 CD released..?
Anyway, for Mort aux vaches it's here.
(I could not find a larger picture, sorry...)

mardi, juin 05, 2007

FENNESZ / TIM HECKER, Live in Nanterre, Maison de la musique, France - 1.6.2007

Two separate live performances. First PAN SONIC were planed before they cancel and were replaced by TIM HECKER.
I love TIM HECKER in studio, but I confess that it was a little boring on stage. On the contrary, I think the sound is good enough here to listen to it almost as a new lo-fi album, even if nothing here is really surprising for who knows his beautiful ambient laptop soundscapes. He played first.
Then, FENNESZ, once more, made a brand new live performance, I've seen him more than 10 times and each time it's different, and often outstanding. Here he plays guitar live and processes the sound with his laptop.
Try this here.

Other FENNESZ links are still ok, you'll find here :
1. Paris, Nouveau Casino, 17.12.2001
2. Paris, La Villette, 22.9.2004

If I look for it I may find older live performances but I'm not sure...

MAIN, Ligature remixes (1996?, electronic soundscapes)

By request.
A good introduction to MAIN's world, with some tracks that can be regarded as transition from his previous band LOOP. It's MAIN remixed by : Paul Kendall, Paul Schütze, Jim O'Rourke, and MAIN itself.
But I still prefer other real MAIN albums.
Enjoy it here.
And : I'm still waiting for your "votes" to work on my "Mort aux Vaches" series - see below. I've forgotten one I have : MUSLIMGAUZE (a good one). Thanks for your contribution, special thanks to those who already signed.

lundi, juin 04, 2007

MAIN, Mort aux Vaches (2002, ambient electronica)

By request.
Honestly, I have not listened to this short Mort aux Vaches album enough to comment it fairly; all I can say is that it's not MAIN at its best in my opinion : too many "Fennesz-like computer disruptions" in it, I love it when it is FENNESZ, but in MAIN's music I'm not sure. For those who like ambient music, from TANGERINE DREAM's "Zeit" to SUNN O))) (yes!), try "Hz" before this one. It's MAIN's best effort, you'll find this outstanding double LP in an older post here.
Download MAIN's Mort aux Vaches here.

Maybe for the occasion I could share my other "Mort aux Vaches" CDs. I only have : Scanner (from a MD), Mitchell Akiyama, Tim Hecker, Troum, Oren Ambarchi (a must have!), Rger Rotor, Pan Sonic / Charlemagne Palestine, Zoviet France, Ryoji Ikeda, Stillupsteypa (last two I'm not sure...). Maybe some of you have more...
Anyone interested? Let's say that I need 10 votes to work on it if you don't mind...

Thanks for your attention.

vendredi, juin 01, 2007

ADD N TO (X), singles (1997/2002, electro rock)

I discovered ADD N TO (X) and PANASONIC the same year en 1997, and I confess it was a shock, and the beginning of a true passion for vintage synths - I bought a Korg MS20 immediatly after seeing them playing live...
Regularly, ADD N TO (X) have released rather good singles, apart from their always rejoincing LPs, sometimes containing surprising tracks. You'll find some of them (not all...) here : "Little Black Rocks In The Sun" (1997), a powerful 10 minutes industrial / pop tune, one of their best track in my opinion; "Metal Fingers In My Body" (1999) their "avant-hard" absolute hit; "Revenge Of The Black Regent" (1999), a good 4 tracks EP (2 are not on the LP); "Plug me in" (2000) that contains a good unreleased track; and "Take Me To Your Leader" (2002) from their last album.
If anyone has other EPs (particularly from their 2nd album "On the wire of our nerves") can he post it??
Find my EP selection here

Their live in Paris (Nouveau Casino, 25.10.2002) link is still working. Good live performance, their last in Paris before the end of the band!