mercredi, mai 30, 2007

20' to 2000 Raster-Noton series (electronica, 1999)

For collectors more than for difficult and minimalist electronic lovers, here are the 12 EP CDs (one per month) released by Raster-Noton in 1999 to celebrate the new century / millenium that was to come at the end of the year. Maybe you have some of them, maybe none, in any case it's interesting for those who love Pan SOnic / Ikeda / Pole etc...
Just one comment about this series : in my opinion some artists are really lazy here; if PanSonic Vainio and Vaisanen (Vaisanen first!) make a great job with very interesting vintage electronics, what about Ikeda with his 440Hz sine wave (divided in 99 tracks - against MP3..?), or the rather mediocre performances by Byetone, Noto or Komet. Brinkmann, COH, Senking and somehow Scanner tracks are ok.
Download this 12 CDs series in 4 parts (click on link) :
Komet / Ilpo Vaisanen / Ryoji Ikeda (Jan / Feb / Mar)
COH / Byetone / Senking (Apr / May / Jun)
Ester Brinkmann / Scanner / Noto (Jul / Aug / Sep)
Mika Vainio / Wolfgang Voigt / ELph (Oct / Noc / Dec)

Thanks for your attention.

mardi, mai 29, 2007

CURRENT 93 / HOH, Island + The Nodding Folk

Another thing from the CURRENT 93 galaxy, in its "pop" area. "Island" the only "electronic" album made by David Tibets and his friends. Yes, it's BJORK you hear in the 1st track, but, fortunately, far enough in the mix, so it remains a CURRENT 93 track! You'll find there some of the most beautiful tunes made by C93 (the Dream of a Shadow of Smoke, Fields of Rape, To Blackened Earth...), but some others are hard to listen to in 2007 : old beat box and production don't help...
In "bonus", you'll find in my post a short EP, "The Nodding Folk", released (in 1993 maybe) with a comics paper that told the story of Tibet / Noddy in crazy psychedelic adventures. Two tracks, the 1st one "Children Of The Nodapoc Gathering Round" is a must have!
Download it here.

SPELL, Seasons in the Sun (60s' covers, 1994)

Thanks folks for all your encouraging comments, don't hesitate to add some others of course. To make it clear for the future here, I'll keep on posting some of my prefered krautrock albums (as a krautrock introduction for beginners), some good electronic / drone music, live performances and generally the music I like (even new wave and goth rock!). My goal is not to propose the rarest music like Mutant Sounds, nor an entire collection of rare (and not always good...) kraut like Out of Focus / Krauteam, but only things I like and often seem forgotten.

So here is the easy listening album Boyd Rice made aside from his noise industrial NON project. For this occasion Rose MacDowell (CURRENT 93) joined him, for a beautifull covers' album that I still have pleasure to listen to today. The ideal music for your summer, you'll listen to it in your garden, under a warm sun. And it's here.
More info about Boyd Rice discography on

lundi, mai 28, 2007


Before I go further, a question if you don't mind : what do you expect from this blog?

From the beginning, I've posted more and more krautrock, but I'm not sure it's my job to do that - "Out of Focus" and "Krauteam" know much more than me about kraut. So... I'm not sure this blog is still usefull, as my electronic, drone and other genre's posts don't seem to interest you much...

Please tell me before I go on... or stop!


samedi, mai 26, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Vortex (1981, krautrock?)

By request.
In 1981, Renate Knaup and original members of A.D.II try to come back with songs in the vein of "Wolf City", an album I don't like much. Therefore, of course, I can't like this one, even if there's some rather good pop tracks there (like the opening instrumental). On the contrary, you'll find their worst, like "Wings on the wind", a song that no one will listen entirely I think... I'm really sad to end this AMON DÜÜL II series with such a deceptive album. Nevertheless, try it hereif you want.

What's next? An ASH RA TEMPEL discography maybe..? Anyone interested? Or maybe some vintage goth rock. Well, we'll see...

AMON DUUL II, Utopia (1973, krautrock)

By request. A side project with members of the jazz rock band UTOPIA, composed and released in the "Carnival in Babylon" / "Wolf City" area. Personnaly I don't like it too much, but some tracks are ok. It lacks some craziness of their debut albums, but many titles are well composed. So ok, it's a 5/10.
Download it here and say thanks!

vendredi, mai 25, 2007

COMETS ON FIRE, live in Paris, Point Ephemere, 23.5.2007

By request.
First performance in France for this incredible psychedelic noise band. A very good show, though I hoped guitarist Ben Chasney (from Six Organs of Admittance) would begin alone with his acoustic guitar; but no.
Recorded with my own mic, sound quality is correct, but don't ask too much... Anyway, everyone interested in psych and kraut should buy their "Blue Cathedral" (at least!).
Download this live performance here , then leave a comment.

mercredi, mai 23, 2007

AMON DUUL II, "Don't turn to stone" Alternative version (1978, krautrock)

I don't know where this version is from, but certainly not from de CD version of "Only Human". Rythm, guitars and voices seem the same, but the bass line changes and the mix is not the same. Who could tell us where it is from? Anyway, listen to this excellent groovy track here.

At last, here is my top of AMON DÜÜL2 official albums (click on link for Rapidshare downloads) :
1. Yeti
2. Phallus Dei
3. Carnival in Babylon
4. Tanz der Lemminge
5. Vive la trance
6. Wolf City
7. Made in Germany
8. Almost alive
9. Pyragony X
10. Only human
11. Hijack

What's yours?

mardi, mai 22, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Only Human (1978, krautrock)

My last post for this AMON DÜÜL 2 series - for me the albums they made in the 80s / 90s are absolutely of no interest. I've stolen this one from OUT OF FOCUS, thanks to him. I will add later an alternative version of one track, definitely the best pop track of the later A.D's albums, "Don't turn too stone" (excellent!!).
For the rest, "Only Human" sounds strictly the same as "Almost Alive", though it might be a little weaker in its compositions. Only 3/10 for this last one you can download here.
For those who want to discover the band, I repeat, once more : go down in this page and try the albums before 1973!
I'm almost sad to end this series, as AMON DÜÜL was a major evolution in the way I listen to music. Discovering it at 25 was the same shock as listening to JOY DIVISION at 15 or SONIC YOUTH at 20... I hope you'll enjoy the same way.
Later, with the "Don't turn to stone" post, a reminder of the links and gradings of their entire official discography.

AMON DUUL II, Almost Alive (1977, krautrock)

"Almost alive", almost the last A.D's album I post here. Here, the best psychedelic band of the early 70s goes even further in its bizarre progressive pop tries; they often seem not to know where they're going, you can find suddenly a beautiful moment (Feeling Uneasy) following the worse (Live in Jericho)... Anyway, it's a very cool and soft pop, in sharp contrast with the punk music of the era. Somehow, I like it, but sometimes with a sense of humour I admit... And you? A 4/10 for me.
Try it here.

lundi, mai 21, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Pyragony X (1976, krautrock)

For those who come for the 1st time on AMON DÜÜL, please forget this period and go down on this blog to download their first four albums.
From this one, it's a curious series of bizarre pop / kraut / prog tries; some tracks you can't hear, some very surprising, some are mixed of both. Here for instance, I really enjoy "Lost in Space" or "Crystal Hexagram". Anyway, their sound here has nothing in common with their 1st 3 years, what is easy to understand when you know that it's not really the same band any more, many original members are left and replaced but pop musicians, who have come with their own compositions...
Thanks to some tracks, I give a 4/10 (but be aware, some tracks are really shit, 0/10!!).
Will you dare..? It's here .

AMON DUUL II, Made in Germany (1975, krautrock)

Very ambitious concept / kraut album, often considered as the last A.D's creative effort before their ultimate fall, but deceptive too. Obviously, "Phallus Dei" or "Yeti" are very far now, but personnaly I really like it : you'll find there beautiful instrumental tracks and pop songs but, unfortunately, mixed with some others that are really not convincing. Nevertheless, to my ears it's a 5/10.
Download it here.
PS : please note that it's the full original double LP, a single LP was issued in some countries and for some re-editions.
PS2 : it's also their first awful artwork... and the last album where you hear their singer Renate Knaup.

mercredi, mai 16, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Hijack (1974, krautrock)

Certainly not recommended for the newcomer in kraut or A.D.'s world! It's by far the worst album the band made. Nothing is good in it, except - how is it possible - their best pop song "Traveller", a kind of classic to my ears. For the rest, it's only lazy 70s pop tunes and maladrwa production. Just boring! Of historical interest only!! I rate it 2/10.
If you're tempted, it's here.
For your information, the upload was made by OUT OF FOCUS, who never put the titles on the tracks. Find them on the artwork he's scanned for you. Thanks to OUT OF FOCUS.

lundi, mai 14, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Vive la trance (1973, krautrock)

Hard to describe. A side may contain the best pop material A.D. made, with such strange and magical tracks as "A morning excuse" and "Jalousie". But, after the 6th track (the 1st on B side, "Apocalyptic Bore", still very good), the album turns to a very ordinary pop music, most tracks are of no interest at all. Alas, it's the beginning of A.D's fall, the worst is to come...
Rating : 8/10 for A side, 3/10 for B-side.
Find it here.

AMON DUUL II, Wolf City (1972, krautrock)

Recorded the same year as the magnificent "Carnival in Babylon" and considered by many as its direct follow up (it is said that both could have been gathered as a double LP), "Wolf City" is the 1st failure in A.D's discography in my opinion. The way Renate Knaup's voice is recorded is often too shrill, and on the whole the production is too clean to suit to A.D's sound (their craziness is far now). Nevertheless, you'll find there some beautiful tracks : "Green Bubble Raincoated man", "Jail House Frog" or "Sleepwalker's Timeless Bridge" are among my favorite A.D. pop tunes. My rate for this one : 5/10.

Complete your collection here.

dimanche, mai 13, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Carnival in Babylon (1972, krautrock)

Consider this as a break after 3 different but very psychedelic and excessive albums, as the beginning of their "2nd period" : the tracks are shorter, much more melodic, this is a kind of pop/folk in the Bowie vein of the same era. At first I confess I was disappointed; but be patient and listen to it attentively, you may find (like I do) it's one of their best efforts, with lots of emotion. This is also the 1st time you hear so often the fascinating Renate Knaup. But... why is it so short!? I rate it 9/10.

Download it here and then buy it (we're still waiting for a remastered edition).

AMON DUUL II, Tanz der lemminge (1971, krautrock)

After the heavy psychedelic and distorted guitars of "Yeti", AMON DUUL II try transpose this formula with many and varied instruments, such as 12-strings guitars, sitar, horn, synths, organs etc... But of course in some tracks you'll find those heavy guitars and fabulous "circular" bass you've loved in "Yeti". Like me, you may find some tracks a little boring, like the "Chasmin soundtrack" and, the 1st time you hear it, the 1st track. But some are particularly exciting, most of all the fabulous (even if repetitive) last track.
Less improvised than their first efforts, this album appears as a transition towards their pop/folk/kraut albums to come. My personal rating : a 7/10.
Download the remastered version there.
And of course, if you like it don't hesitate to buy it, the digipack edition is beautiful and cheap!

jeudi, mai 10, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Yeti (1970, krautrock)

Best album in my opinion, an incredible psychedelic trip, in comparison THE GREATFUL DEAD seem a classic blues / folk band. If you know nothing about kraut, a good album to begin with. But 8 days in april blog, who has uploaded the album, describes it better than me : "This is Krautrock in all it's immense, epic, primal, psychedelic glory. Originally released as two LP's, this features side-long suites and long improvisations marked by a dense, thick sound with inventive instrumental interplay, massive guitar riffs, herculean bass lines and smoldering vocals, male and female. At first listen some of the long improvisations at the end may seem a little too long, but they grow on you."
In my opinion, 10/10!

If you're ready to try it, go there (I don't know which version it is as I was not the uploader, but you have to know that the REPERTOIRE re-edition is far better than the 1st CD editions)
And, of course, IF YOU LIKE IT, YOU BUY IT!

AMON DUUL II, Phallus Dei (1969, krautrock)

Even if I think that every one interested in psych rock should buy at least one AMON DÜÜL's album, I could'nt help sharing all of them. So here starts an AMON DÜÜL II series, I will upload all the official albums, what it's no use for kraut & psych freaks who already owne all of them (I suppose).

At first, their incredible "Phallus Dei", that appears to my ears as a "pre-SONIC YOUTH" album (same strange chords with bizarre distorted guitar), though it's much crazier. Not the easiest way to enter the A.D.'s world. The sound seems a bit amateurish, but it's a good thing : it mixes rock elements with tribal drums and shouts, to the best. Highly recommended (I'd give a 9/10).

Here you'll find the remastered version (re-edited by REPERTOIRE), without the bonus tracks. YOU LIKE IT, YOU BUY IT.

mercredi, mai 09, 2007

DEUTER, Celebration / Haleakala (1976/77, ambient krautrock)

Back to kraut.
After his second album "Aum" (his best in my opinion), Georg DEUTER moved to India, the country he seemed to dream of when making his music.
Here are the first 2 recordings he produced there; logically, they are even more meditative than "Aum", but, maybe because they are not so richly textured, because they are more abstract and also sound brighter, they are not so touching, though still fascinating (especially "Haleakala"). They are considered a new step towards "new age" music, but are far better than its cliché.
Two CDs in one file that you'll find here.

SETI, Pharos (1995, ambient electronica)

After the incredible TERRE THAEMLITZ album previously posted, another item from the "Instinct Ambient" label (and its awful artworks). Very good floating electronics, meditative and sweat melodies. Not to be confused with Lagowski's S.E.T.I.
Two CDs : 1st here and 2nd here.

mardi, mai 08, 2007

UNIT, Hello my name is (electronica)

End of UNIT downloads, with this first EP, a good introduction to its follower, NARCOLEPTIC SYMPHONY.

Try it here

lundi, mai 07, 2007

UNIT, I care here to tell you how it's going to begin (2004, electronica)

Back again, sorry for being so long, and thanks for your very appreciated comments.

Here is the 2nd album by UNIT. By far not so interesting as his first, though it contains some interesting tracks. I was told that UNIT is preparing a new album that could be released on WARP. To be confirmed of course.

Download it here
(no artwork found)