mardi, novembre 27, 2007

THE OUT CROWD, Then I say the holy city (2004, drug rock)

By ex-BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE's member Matt Hollywood. Those who've seen DIG know who he is. To be honest, this album sounds like a imitation of BJM's music, almost the same voice and same style in guitar playing and melodies. Nevertheless, some good songs in the album. But let's be honest : it's probably only for BJM's and DIG's fans.
If you want, try it here.

lundi, novembre 26, 2007

ROGER ROTOR, Substract 7 (1998, low analog techno?)

aka "Live at the Rohstofflager 25.6.1998", CD-R x 2. No artwork.
My english is not good enough to describe ROTOR's music. Long analog tracks that could be compared with RICHIE HAWTHIN or PAN SONIC, but warmer, less experimental. It could be descripted as a "low techno" and may remind "The Köner Experiment" by EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH to those who have downloaded it.
In one word : very exciting and "head in the wall" (my expression), but... each track is probably far too long! A reason for that is that it's recorded live with old synths (Korg SQ10, MS20, MS50 etc...) and it's long to change sounds and structures with them.
Download this live album in 2 parts : part 1 and part 2.

mardi, novembre 20, 2007

DIG! nostalgia & Drug Rock

As the distributor of the movie DIG! in theatres in France, true emotion when finding a blog called "Music to take drug to". This marvelous blog shares some of the bands we like here : Spacemen 3, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the totally underated Dandy Warhols who made so many good pop songs, Spectrum, Warlocks, Galaxy 500 etc... And, most of all, you can (or could) download DIG! there! Of course, as a hard worker for "cinema industry" I would advise to buy it, particularly in its american or australian edition (and even spanish, but certainly not the french one!!). Believe me, it's probably the best rock documentary ever, and one of the most exciting movies in the 5 last years, probably the best film I've been working on! Can you believe that is was almost impossible to show it in France, no exhibitor wanted it!?
Here are some posters / adverts we made when the film was released in France. Much better than the american poster no?
When will I have another film like this to work on..?

Please visit the designers CHECK MORRIS' website

vendredi, novembre 16, 2007


My favourite TG recording, but unfortunatly I don't know much about it, except that it's been released in CD only, thus it was not in the official TG's discography initially.
Those who don't know the famous industrial band can begin with this release, as it's probably their most "pop ambient" effort. Rythms, dark atmospheres, I consider CD1 the most achieved recording they made.
Download it here.
And don't hesitate to purchase the album they recorded last year, when reformed, "The Endless Not", on Amazon or, better, in your records store. Personaly, I was really afraid that it might be a bad try of new electro-industrial music, and it's the contrary : vintage sounds, new spirit, and definitly TG!

mercredi, novembre 14, 2007

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH, Live at the Dream Palace Orleans (1997, drone)

2 tracks for this extreme drone show. I really like it, but let's confess that it may interest E.A.R fans or drone freaks firstly. Analog synths give their best.
Download it here.

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH, Phenomena 256 (1996, analog drones)

Another classic album by my favourite drone band. "Phenomena 256" and its sister album "Beyond the pale" (recorded more or less in the same sessions) are probably the most achieved albums E.A.R made. Unlike other later recordings, a true band is playing there, and what a band!
Sonic Boom : Feedback, Synthi VCS3, Drones
Eddie Prevost : Bowed Cymbal
Kevin Martin : Treated Saxophone
Tom Prentice : Electric viola
Scott Riley : Hammer Guitar
Pete Bain : Lap Steel Guitar
Alf Hardy : Voltage Control Adviser

Download it on this MassMirror link.

vendredi, novembre 09, 2007

TERRE THAEMLITZ, Soil / Couture Cosmétique (1995 / 1997 - data ambient)

By request (partly).
Re-up @ 256kps of THAEMLITZ masterpiece "Soil" - believe me, anyone will fall in love of 2 or 3 tracks there (at least t.2 and last t.).
"Couture Cosmétique" is too often boring in my opinion, which is a pitty because there are many interesting parts in it. I've been trying to buy some other recordings by THAEMLITZ, but I confess I've often met deception.

"Soil" & "Couture Cosmétique" can be downloaded in 3 parts on MassMirror (if it works...) :
Couture 1-8
Couture 9 / Soil 1-3
Soil 4-6

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH, The Koner Experiment (1997)

Maybe I've already posted this...
Extraordinary collaboration between E.A.R (Sonic Boom & friends) and PORTER RICKS's Thomas Köner. Mix E.A.R analog textures & bowed instruments with Köner low frequency and metronomic pulses (those your neighbours won't like) and that's it. In my opinion it's absoluteluly unique, one of the 10 marsterpieces of my collection. At first glance you may think that the 10 tracks are pretty the same... Then listen carefully tracks 2 and 5! Wouawh, headbanging in the walls!!

Download this fabulous album here.

lundi, novembre 05, 2007

TIM HECKER, Trade winds, White Noise (2003?, electronic soundscapes)

For those who don't know TIM HECKER, let's say that he's a kind of ambient version of FENNESZ : excellent "granular syntesis", beautiful, clouddy and dreamy tones - all the things I love.
This recording was part of a belgian magazine, "PARACHUTE". I don't know if it's been released separately, before or after.
You'll find it on this Rapidshare link - no cover art.