mercredi, janvier 27, 2010

EDWARD KA-SPEL, Inferno / Illusion (1993, dark ambient)

Hard to define this recording by LEGENDARY PINK DOTS member Edward Ka-Spell. I'm afraid many things he's made is really underated, maybe because he's made too many recordings. If you like dark experimental ambient, mixed with a foggy sound (that some could compare to early TANGERINE DREAM / ASH RA TEMPEL), this one is certainly for you.
2 tracks, 20 minutes, LP Rip.
And it's here.

THE ONES, Music for Hippies (1966, psych pop)

THE ONES is the band just before TANGERINE DREAM (created by Edgar Froese), a kind of "sunshine pop" immitating the american bands of the 60s. 2 short tracks only, side A is good, side B is so so... A very short post, and it's a LP Rip.
Try it here.

AND : thanks very much for your comments, I'm sorry not to come more often on this blog, but each I read and appreciate them.

vendredi, janvier 01, 2010

Turzi - Buenos Aires

From the outstanding "B" album by TURZI.
An absolute hit for sure!!!

Et puis le LP, mes amis, vaut son pesant de cacahuètes : 2 galettes, vinyl brun opaque (mais légèrement transparent à la lumière, marbré!), beau carton avec verni sélectif pour la pochette, bref, un pur objet de collection en plus de la zique qui est à mon goût ce qu'on fait de mieux ces derniers temps.
Et un bon tube pour commencer l'année.