mercredi, décembre 23, 2009


The ideal toy for Christmas - I want it.
What is it? A small plastic sample box containing 13 samples of TG's sound, that you can play and detune. Absolutely useless, that's the reason why you'll need it!
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CHRIS & COSEY, Heartbeat + Trance (1981/1982 - electronic prehistoric future)

Re-up, higher bit rate (192 or 256, I can't remember).
Extraordinary debut albums by ex THROBBING GRISTLE members, also refered as CTI ("The Creative Technology Institute!) at the time. Their sound is a kind of experimental KRAFTWERK, same precision and balance in the production.
I prefer by far these albums to what they would produce later : as their sound became more complex, it was more common too.
The two albums are here on one link.

THROBBING GRISTLE, Heathen Earth (industrial / vintage electronics, 1980)

Probably the last TG album / performance I post - I'm not sure the 25CD boxset "TG+" is required, except for the absolute fans (who already have it).
"Heathen Hearth" shows the perfect mixture the band was creating in their last days: an ambient feel, raw electronic sequences announcing what Chris & Cosey would make the next year, and still "industrial" sounds. That's why I think it's the last TG album for beginners. And it seems to be one of the fans' favourite, so...
Try it here (before buying it for Christmas?)

dimanche, décembre 20, 2009

THROBBING GRISTLE, CD1 / GiftGas (industrial, 1980 / 1975))

Re-post of CD1, 2 tracks (on the official CD there's only one track for the 2 "songs"). 128kbps only, I'm sorry, I've lost my CD and I can't rip it again. But CD1 is by far the best recording of the band, in my opinion, it's a perfect mix of hypnotic ambiant and industrial sounds, it's uncompromising and easy in the same time, if you need one only TG's album it should be this one. No specific information about when it was recorded (it was release after the band split) but the sound makes me think it was recorded the last year, in 1980.
You'll find "GiftGas" too, one of the many unofficial albums released in the last 20 years and, from those I know, the most interesting one. Long improvised tracks, with rough synths and distorted guitar textures. If you like their sound, you may love "GiftGas".
The two albums on this link.

THROBBING GRISTLE, 2nd Annual Report / D.o.A (industrial, 1977 / 78)

By request.
It seems everyone doesn't know well these 2 classic albums by the founder of "industrial music" - at this time, basic electronic equipment + guitar & bass treated by echoes and distortions, with more or less improvisation.
In my opinion, the "2nd Annual Report" (their first "official" release) is their best effort, the 1st side is outstanding - listen to the sound they've created from the guitars! D.O.A contains more various sources and styles, is considered as an absolute classic, but it lacks the basic shock you feel listening to "2nd Annual Report"
Well, find them here.

vendredi, décembre 18, 2009

"SYNTH BRITANNIA" documentary

Very interesting doc about how "micro synths" (in comparison with early Moogs and ARPs) have defined the sound of electropop in the late 70s / early 80s in GB, with such bands as OMD, Human League, Depeche Mode, The Normal, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle etc...
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samedi, décembre 12, 2009

TANGERINE DREAM, The Vintage Years

Not an album, more a "collection" of 4 tracks, recorded between 1972 and 1980. The most interesting tracks date back from 72 and 73, very similar to the "Alpha Centauri" sessions and thus, in my opinion, quite fascinating. But side B, with 2 tracks recorded in 79 / 80, are very good too, what is more surprising.
The LP comes from a LP box set containing a replica of the single "Alpha Centauri" and the only single recorded by the first band Edgar Froese played in, "THE ONES" - I may post this too, later.
It's an LP Rip.
And it's here (VBR, 256kbps).

mercredi, décembre 02, 2009

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, Alchemical Playschool (2006, psychedelic tones)

NEW LINK (Sharebee)
Very surpising album by one of the major psychedelic / pop band of the 80s and 90s, less successful (in my opinion) in the 10 past years. After some psych pop albums typical of their style, this is an absolutly weird psychedelic tones album, recorded with a very "vintage" sound, that will probably bring you very far if you accept the trip.
Here it is - and don't forget the artists need your money, IF YOU FIND THE ALBUM BUY IT (maybe for this one it may not be easy...). Thanks for them.


Wonderful "return to form" by my favourite band / artist of the 5 past years. This "single" is a great example of how moving he can be. All the albums he made (or so) will probably become "classics", and as for the others you have to get this one.

J'ajoute que j'ai rarement été aussi dégoûté, question occasion manquée, que pour celle-ci ; le concert à Paris la semaine dernière... Si quelqu'un a l'enregistrement, pour compenser un peu...