lundi, mars 29, 2010

MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE, Totem One (2009, psychedelic tones)

Back "in the woods"...

From RateYourMusic :
"Cool shit. Pleasant listen overall, with a sound of its own - and it has a couple standout tracks ("Schism Prism" and "Eaglewolf"). It's like they gave the Sun City Girls a jungle of instruments and top-notch production and told them to be less bizarre, more focused and more "tantric"; so it's a good starting point. Ideal for communal dope-smokin' reunions."

And I could not say it better - the trip is quite fascinating.

Try it here, then try to buy it (as I did).
(waiting for "Totem 2", to be released in May).

mardi, mars 16, 2010

AFTER DINNER, S/T + Editions + Paradise of Replica (1983 / 1990, Japanese "avant-folk")

By request (at last...).
2 albums + bonus (live session). No particular comments, sometimes I like them sometimes I don't. "Paradise of Replica" may be better composed, but the production choices are weird sometimes, like if 2 versions of some tracks were recorded one after the other...
Sorry for being so long to repost...
Link on Mediafire