dimanche, mai 10, 2009

MAHOOD, Granular Sintesis (drone / electronic soundscapes, 1997)

I was proud to discover that some of you guys have asked for a repost of my "Granular Sintesis" work, recorded 12 years ago (how can it be so far..?).
More or less 4 tracks (20 minutes), with the exclusive use of a basic software on my Performa 6200, called "SoundEffects". The only source of the sound is sine waves, transformed / cut with the effects of the software (particularly with the most complex, called... "granular synthesis") - except the sampled percussions on track 1 (the only track I really don't like, it's of no use).
I'm particularly proud of the 3rd and 4th tracks (and the transition between), the 4th track was one of my favourite at the time - very hypnotic if you're not irritated by the repetition.
Be concious that it's a really lo-fi recording : 11.000khz, 8bit, recorded on a basic 4 tracks tape recorded, transfered on MiniDisc etc... So if you try play it loud!
Here it is.

ITHACA, A Game for All Who Know (psych pop, 1973)

Excellent album discovered thanks to another blog, and I've finally found the CD (the original LP seems to be one of the rarest...).
I put it in the same category as english psychedelic pop masterpieces like MONTAGE or FUCHSIA - but ITHACA are probably darker, more mysterious, like a Brothers Quay's movie (or even a Burton). Very well composed, with a rich instrumentation, the only thing that can disturb is the girl's voice, bery weird (and very goth!).
Don't miss it! It's here.

The band has recorded one album 3 years before under the name AGINCOURT : same elements, but with a folk sound and not such a success in the result. I may post it if anyone is intersted.

dimanche, mai 03, 2009

LA DUSSELDORF, 3 albums (1976 / 1981, krautrock / new-wave)

Upon request #2
What can I say? I have no explanation for the reputation of these albums except that they follow the NEU albums.
In my opinion, whereas NEU4 had probably some qualities, the official albums released by Klaus Dingerunder the name LA DUSSELDORF after Michael Rother had left certainly didn't contain the same charisma and mystery as the NEU material. Instead, you hear some kind of pre-new wave music, very basically produced (in comparison NEU sounded almost deep), with voices that I often find ridiculous.
But these days I don't have time to find more interesting things to share, so ok for answering the request. Nevertheless, honestly I prefer by far the albums released by ROTHER under his own name - maybe for a later post.

3 albums :
"La Dusseldorf" is here.
"Viva" and "Individuellos" are there.

samedi, mai 02, 2009

NEU!, Neu 4 (19.., krautrock)

Upon request #1
About when the album has been recorded, I'm not sure. Maybe between 1982 and 1986, after the LA DUSSELDORF episode.
Though far less interesting than the previous official recordings NEU, DIE2 and NEU75, NEU4 has its moments. But it's mainly for its historical interest that you'll download it.
here it is.