mercredi, décembre 31, 2008

SIGNAL, Waves+Lines (1997)

Good EP released by Raster-Noton in the 1995 / 2000 minimal wave - a very accessible entry for those who are afraid by "minimalism".
Find it here.

ELLI & JACNO, Boomerang (pop, 1982)

As all the old links (on the shitty MassMirror server!) are dead, here's a new link for this LP-Rip of a french pop classic album that has never been released on CD (am I wrong?).
Here it is.

dimanche, décembre 28, 2008

ZWEISTEIN, Trip - Flipout -Meditation (krautrock, 1970)

"Krautrock" electronic soundscapes / experimentations in the same mood as SCHNITZLER / early CLUSTER. Only for the fans of this kind of music, the others may find this double LP really boring... I confess now that I'm not sure I should have posed it any more, but as I've made the job, here it is!

CONRAD SCHNITZLER, Rot (1972, Experimental Krautrock)

By request.
Not my favourite kind of krautrock. It's basically two long drone-like pieces based on early synths radical experimentations. Obviously, it's not the best way to discover krautrock, but it's interesting for all those who like early (or pre-) industrial music.
Maybe, some of you know the first CLUSTER (and KLUSTER) albums, SCHNITZLER had just left the band in 1972 so "Rot" is not far from these albums.
And it's here.

mercredi, décembre 10, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#50 : BRAINTICKET, Celestial Ocean (1973)

At last...
After a much too crazy (and overrated - who's able to listen to side A at once??) first album, BRAINTICKET added some pop in their craziness, and became more accessible though they kept on experimenting. It's especially true on the 3rd album, "Celestial Ocean", even if some tracks may appear a bit too pretentious (in the typical 70s too serious style). It's hard to describe : not far from AMON DÜÜL II, with plenty of eastern instruments but more electronic, with vintage synths and organs, and softer too. Well, I'm happy to end this selection with such an abum, because actually it's really good.
As it's short, you'll find on this link the 2nd album "Psychonaut" too, it's less adventurous and less surprising, but good too.

Thanks to all the readers who've been following this basic krautrock selection for so many weeks (sorry for those who are not interested in it!). Of course, I could have posted many more albums, but it was not my goal. Nevertheless, if you've heard about one album you'd like to discover, just ask, if I have it I'll try to post it.


Not far from KOLLEKTIV you've found here last week or from ORGANISATION / early KRAFTWERK. Probably a little more repetitive and sometimes tiring, it's a really good album for all the fans of this kind of repetitive and motorik krautrock. It seems they made only one album.
Sorry, it's only a 128 kbps CD rip, and it's here.

vendredi, décembre 05, 2008


One may think that the only album of this minor band doesn't deserve to be part of this selection. It's a very underground band from the second (and last?) wave of krautrock, and, like PATER NOSTER, SIDDHARTA etc..., let's consider them a "pre-gothic rock" band, as they sound dark and spacey at once.
The music, full of mellotron, moog and organ, + the classic bass / guitar / drums trio, could habe been much better if the male singer "Poseidon" (with such a name...) had sounded better, it's totally shitty. Why couldn't F. singer Pauline Fund sing more? She's really ok and even sometimes moving! Instrumental versions would have been much more interesting, and I'm afraid that most of you won't have the courage to hear more than 1 or 2 minutes. It would be a mistake!
Anyway, you should try, and it's here. (ripped at 192 kbps).


KOLLEKTIV made only one album, but this is a live recording for the radio SWF, it is very similar to the album but sounds even better in my opinion, with longer and spacier tracks.
To describe the music, let's say that it's a kind of groovy KRAFTWERK in their early days (K1, 2 or ORGANISATION), it's fully instrumental and very well produced. A bit too repetitive maybe?
Those who love KRAFTWERK (until 74), CAN and even NEU will probably like it, though KOLLEKTIV is probably not as inventive as them. And here it is (192kbps).
If you like it, check also the S/T album of course - its artwork is far better than this one!!