dimanche, novembre 30, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#46 : COSMIC JOKERS, Galactic Supermarket (1973)

Second release of the ultimate cosmic band featuring members of ASH RA TEMPEL, WALLENSTEIN, KLAUS SCHULZE and friends, produced by Dieter Dierks. And it's really the ultra cosmic trip you could expect from a band with such a name. The direction of the music is less obvious than in the 1st album, it's more experimental but not too hard to listen to if you know krautrock. What I love particularly here is the adventurous electronic trickery and the tremendous mix by Dierks, one of his most extreme work I think.
By the way, it's hard to describe it better for a non english speaking (and even in french!!), I propose you try it here, ripped at 192kbps.

KRAUTROCK TOP#45 : EMBRYO, Rock Session (1973)

Well, the track named "Warm Canto" (3rd track) is by itself a reason to get this early EMBRYO's album, a band that some of you may find too much "jazz-rock" oriented - I think they're often right (listen to the much too long 2nd track here). I would also say that if you don't like this album, don't try the other EMBRYO's recordings (except "Opal", posted sooner), contrarily to what some say, they are not so different, at least in their 1971 / 76 period - I don't mean they're not good though, it's a very interesting band with a sound typically of their own.
Find it here, ripped at 192kbps.

ps : don't you find that the artwork is quite extraordinary? The 2nd part gives it all its meaning and is really funny.

lundi, novembre 24, 2008


CARBONE, c'est votre serviteur et son comparse Guillaume, pour un petit set 100% synth analo, quelque part entre Add N to X et WhiteHouse - juste à titre indicatif, parce que les références écrasantes, hein...
Le tout en cloture d'une soirée orientée punk "alla early Wire".


dimanche, novembre 16, 2008


Sorry for being so long in completing this top 50 list, I've lost many MP3s in my hard-drive problems.
VINEGAR made this only album, and probably they could have been better if they had kept on recording, as the main problem of this album is obviously a lack of charisma. The music is good, it's much darker than the sleeve, I don't have the words to describe it because it's basically a bass / guitar / drums / organ combo, nothing more, but nothing less. With a little more personnality, it would have been higher in my top 50.
Only ripped at 128kbps, I'm sorry for this, I don't have the original CD...
Try it " here.