samedi, février 28, 2009

MAHOOD, The Drone Album (part 2)

A small post of a 2nd drone I've recently made. Very basic recording, once more (sorry - I promise I buy a sound card for my Mac as soon as I can), so please if you try it PLAY IT LOUD.

For this occasion, the instruments were :
> Roland SH5 (synth)
> Roland CR78 (rythm box) plugged in Korg MS20 (synth)
> Korg MonoPoly (synth)

Played, recorded and mixed much faster than "part 1" in near live conditions. And it's shorter too (8'48).
You'll find it here.

Some of you seem to be interested, thanks!

Better Than Prince

FLAIRS, Better Than Prince

Un peu de promo pour notre ami FLAIRS, dont l'album "Sweat Symphony" vient de sortir, et qui contient parmi les meilleurs titres electro-pop entendus depuis quelques temps. Le single Better Than Prince est correct, mais pas au niveau, par exemple, du hit absolu qui se trouve sur sa face B, "Truckers Delight".
Vivement recommandé donc.
Vous pouvez achetez l'album sur Amazon ici mais ferez encore mieux en visitant le disquaire du coin.
Enfin, l'animal est en concert le 31 mars à La Maroquinerie. Très bon en live!

:Zoviet*france : Popular Soviet Songs and Youth Music (industrial ambient, 1985)

I'm definitely in a drone mood, someone has suggested me to try a "best 50 albums" of electronic music, but I'd prefer a "best 50 drones"!
ZOVIET FRANCE is not exactly a drone band, they create ambient industrial soundscapes. If you've been on MUTANT SANDS several months (years?) ago you could download many of their rarest albums. What "Popular Soviet Songs..." isn't.
This is the CD edition, I don't know if it's different from the 1985 version (on tape?). Excellent industrial ambient music, most tracks are easilly listenable if you're used to hear ambient. Some of them are probably too repetitive, as sometimes in early ZOVIET FRANCE music. Nevertheless, those 3 CDs are highly recommended.
If you find it on the web, buy it : the sleeve art is nice!
You'll find the music here : CD1&3, and CD2.

samedi, février 14, 2009

PEOPLE, Ceremony : Buddha meet rock (1971, JapRock)

Thanks to a reader, here is the link where you can find many JapRock albums described in Julian Cope's JapRockSampler book - have I said that it's by far not as good as his KrautrockSampler, maybe because the music in the 70s is certainly not as creative in Japan as in Germany...
Anyway, I wanted to share here my favourite japrock album, the only album recorded by PEOPLE.
It cannot be described better than its title does : "Buddha meet Rock". Very pleasant, very well recorded, very peaceful and charming, on the whole completely meditative, rather dark and mysterious. In one word : beautiful.
To compare with a german band : it's probably somewhere between AGITATION DREE's "Malesh" (yet more peaceful) and YATHA SIDDHRA's "A meditation mass" (but more various).
And here it is.

mardi, février 10, 2009

MAHOOD, The Drone Album (part 1)

As I do not have any precise idea about what I want to share these days, here is the beginning a my own series of analog drones. I've recorded many of them since 1997 (first with an old 8bit "granular sintesis" software on my Mac Performa at the time), but few of them really convinced me - and what could I do with them until today?
This first personal post is more a collection of ambiant pieces put together than a real drone, but it's intended to be heard in a drone feeling. Some parts were played live when I played for PanSonic last year (you can hear them on the MySpace link "listen to my music").
Very basic recording (no mastering and basic mixing), and for the occasion the instruments were :
> Korg Polysix
> Korg Monopoly
> Sequential Circuits SixTrak
> Roland Juno 106
> folk guitar
> maracas.

If anyone is interested... here it is!
I may post a new drone each month, it may be more basic drones than this first post.