dimanche, octobre 28, 2007

KIM CASCONE, Cathodeflower (space ambient, 1999)

You'll find now 3 albums from the "Ritornell" series released by Mille Plateaux, a electronic label that unfortunatly does not exist any more and that was probably important for me.
KIM CASCONE's is a very spacy affair, a sound interpretation of cosmos, if it means something. Personnally I love it!
Download it on Rapidshare here .

STILLUPPSTEYPA, Interferences are often requested (industrial ambient, 1999)

STILLUPPSTEYPA made many albums of weird industrial / electronic ambient. From those I know, this one is one of the most electronic and "modern" they made. Very intelligent constructions and warm sounds. Try it here.
No artwork found (same as A. RABELAIS, different color)

AKIRA RABELAIS, Elongated pentagonal pyramid (industrial ambient, 1999?)

Beautiful minimalist and almost melodic piece by AKIRA RABELAIS. From the 3 albums I have, this is the best one by far. Nice textures in this ambient album Nothing more to add, except that you have to try it here.

mardi, octobre 23, 2007

VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA, Score + Philipp Schatz (1998?, avant-rock)

Nothing special to celebrate the 100.000 visitors since the beginning of this blog last year... I'm really sorry, no time to prepare anything. Thanks for your support, and be conscious I ALWAYS read your comments and try to follow what they say.

This time I share the first 2 albums by the german band VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA, a band that should have been much more reputed in a period when GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR met success. They share with them similar sounds and atmospheres, but their tracks are shorter, more various, and probably stronger (not as boring, symphonic and repetitive as GODSPEED).
"Score", is particularly good and sounds as a classic "avant-rock" album for me. You should begin with it before listening to "Philipp Schatz".
If you read AMG's review you'll see a 3rd album is mentionned. I don't have it, anyone maybe will share it..?

Thanks for your attention. Enjoy VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA's music here.

jeudi, octobre 18, 2007

THE SERPENTS, You have just been poisoned by The Serpents (1998, psych / avant-rock)

Why isn't this album the absolute masterpiece it could have been? Maybe the vocals... maybe useless tracks. I don't know, but be sure you'll find there an incredible mixture of folk, space rock, experimental tracks, somewhere between GODSPEED YOU MY BLACK EMPEROR, NURSE WITH WOUND, FAUST and the likes, and even maybe, BROADCAST. Too eclectic maybe?
Those who love GODSPEED may have been seduced by the kind of supergroup they are (how many members? 10?)... THE SERPENTS are an impressive list of more than 30 names! Jon Savage, who wrote so many books about punk rock, is one of them. I don't know the others.
It's not a surprise Julian Cope wrote something about them. Read his review here and download the album there.
Comments are always welcome, request and demands too!

COLD SUN, Dark Shadows (1970, pop-psych)

Not an upload of my own, but as I've been listening almost only for this album for one week I wanted to share it with friends of my blog (about this, thanks for the encouraging words by Leon).
I really know nothing about the band, to my ears it sounds like a weird mix of retro-pop-psychedelia, with magnificent rhodes (probably) lines and fine guitar works. An album full of surprise, with beautiful melodies. Today I've listened to the 1st track a dozen times, I hope you'll do the same! The only problem maybe : most songs seem to sound the same at first glance. But be patient!
Download it on BLACK ACID.
And what about a cover of this track!? Well, maybe I'll try for fun next week.
About covers : I will post in the next weeks a AMON DUUL 2 cover and a SAND cover I made this year - remember I'm a huge fan of kraut, I could spend years covering all my favourite tunes!

mardi, octobre 16, 2007

BRISE-GLACE, When in Vanitas (1994, avant-rock)

At last, I'm back - the blog is not abandonned yet! But I had problems with Mass Mirror where it's seems to be impossible to upload files...
BRISE GLACE is a typical "supergroup" you could have met in the 70s in prog / space rock, but actually it's from the "avant-rock" scene of the 90s. Who in the supergroup?
> Jim O'Rourke (before his SONIC YOUTH adventures),
> Dave Grubbs (GASRT DEL SOL),
> Gene Coleman (from the jazz / improv scene),
> Henry Kaiser (guitar imrpviser to compare with Fred Frith),
> Christoph Heemann (HNAS),
> and the album is produced by Steve Albini! Wouch!!
Listen carefully to the 1st two tracks, they are outstanding!
You can download it on this Rapidshare link.

mercredi, octobre 03, 2007


Some of the covers I like to make, music for my own pleasure.
I listen to the very lo-fi covers of 80s hits I made with a friend of mine, and I confess that I'm proud of some of them. If you are curious or / and interested in the exercice of covers, listen to them on MySpace, and dont't hesitate to rate them and tell which one is good and which one is shit.

On MySpace you'll hear my proposition for :
> a-Ha : I've been losing you
> Duran Duran : A view to a kill
> Madonna : Live to tell
> Modern Talking : You're my heart...

Thanks for your comments / support.
AND : if you make covers too, don't hesitate to tell, and post the links where we can hear them!

mardi, octobre 02, 2007

SIGNAL, Waves+Lines (1997)

End of my minimalist series - maybe I'll post more recordings later.
This EP's name is a pretty good description for the music, though this short CD contains tracks that are not as minimalist as NOTO's album (previously posted). Indeed, the first track sounds almost as a kind of minimalist BOARDS OF CANADA.
"Signal is Olaf Bender aka Byetone, Frank Bretschneider aka Komet, Carsten Nicolai aka Noto, all raster-noton core. This cd is not a fully official release and quite rare." (says http://www.discogs.com)
Download it here.

NOTO, Kerne (1998)

I'm sorry, no time for a good description.
This recording will probably interest a minority of "frequencies" addicts, as it is only made with sine waves (like all the NOTO albums I think). Very cold music! But it's really good. Can you imagine a minimalist version of Ryoji Ikeda or Pan Sonic? That's it. NOTO has become ALVA NOTO for his next recordings (with a more complex but less interesting sound).
For your next party, download this album urgently " here!

lundi, octobre 01, 2007

FAKESH / ESTERMANN Beta EP + DE LUCA M.A.S EP (electronica)

2 EP rips.
In 98 / 2000 I really loved FUNKSTORUNG, whose "Disctruction" seemed for me to sound as a real "electro-pop revolution", as a melodic adaptation of the abstract world of AUTECHRE. At this time I bought these two EPs, that contain some of their best work, each member of the band by his side.
"Beta" is a collaborative picture disc EP between André Estermann and Michael Fakesch (from FUNKSTORUNG). I don't know much about ESTERMANN, let's say that I confess I've discovered that he had his own side only when I've ripped the EP several days ago. Both sides are a really good examples of "breakbeat pop" with fine melodies, far from the last incarnation of FUNKSTORUNG (no rap here).
Same coment for the DE LUCA EP, that has nothing in common with his own album "Deadly with za disko" (I sell this one to anyone interested).
Find this 2 fine "abstract breakbeat" EPs here.
You'll have to wait for the artwork - I must take pictures of them.
Thanks for your comments.