jeudi, juillet 05, 2007

CODE III, Planet of man (krautrock, 1974)

Krautrock again, thanks to TURZI who has just released in second album "A" and makes me listen again and again to krautrock and "psychedelic underground" (for the moment, YA HO WA 13 and THE FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND, and the french AME SON too).
I wanted to upload this incredible kraut-folk-experimental album, when I realized CURVED AIR has already done it. So it's not new on music blog, but it's so good that I could'nt help sharing it too.
Hard to make any comparison for this really bizarre album, the only one by this mysterious band. A touch of FAUST, with much more eastern influence; a gloomy folk that reminds me of DOM's incredible "Edge of time" (to share later maybe?); and probably a general atmosphere that is not far from SAND's Ultrasonic Seraphim. An incredible trip you have to experiment!
Thanks to CURVED AIR you can download it here.

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Unknown a dit…

Thanks for this! This blog is full of great stuff.

Anonyme a dit…

Great Mahood! Code III is very crazy! I liked it. Thank you very much.

Unknown a dit…

Just found your blog. I'm the Curved-Air admin. You have a wonderful blog.


Anonyme a dit…

Joe Yamanaka(Vo.)/Hideki Ishima(Sitarla.)/Jun Kobayashi(B.)/George Wada(Dr.)/Nobuhiko Shinohara(Key.)

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND came back from a trip!