mercredi, août 01, 2007

ULAN BATOR, S/T (1995, no-wave / avant-rock)

Another band from the french "no wave / avant-rock / post-rock" of the mid-90s, aside from DEITY GUNS / BASTARD / SISTER IODINE. ULAN BATOR are probably the less weird of those bands, but not the less interesting. In my opinion, you'll find here strong early AMON DÜÜL2 (particularly in Phallus Dei period) influences mixed with an obvious SONIC YOUTH fascination for weird distorted chords.
It's a very good album you can download here.

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Anonyme a dit…

Yes!!!!! I have every Ulan Bator disc except this one, and I have been searching for it for such a long time. And excellent share. Many thanks!!