jeudi, mai 15, 2008

THE BUZZCOCKS, Peel Sessions (1977/79, punk pop)

Back to the old days... This is probably one of my first CDs, when this edition was released in 1989. What a shock! Even today I think that 1 : these are some of the best compositions ever in pop music; 2 : even if they are excellent, you won't need BUZZCOCKS' 3 official albums after having heard this collection of songs.
You'll find there the best versions of "Pulse Beat", "What do I get", "Noise Annoys", "16 again", "Hollow Inside", "E.S.P" and probably "Fast Cars" (je me souviens des Inrocks qui expliquait que la basse de Fast Cars était ici dangereusement en retard voire à contre-temps.. ah bon?? Elle est pourtant infiniment plus suggestive que celle, trop lisse, de l'originale non?).
Anyway, because of this, I had immediatly bought the 3 albums and still consider their early discography some of the finest ever.
Here are those 4 Peel Sessions (please note that 2 of them were produced by Factory's Tony Wilson, I confess I didin't know he was a producer too) compiled as "the Peel Sessions Album".

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Anonyme a dit…

Cool post, thanks.

BTW, Tony Wilson (producer for the BBC) was a different guy to Anthony H Wilson (owner of Factory Records and local TV news presenter). -- Stefan M. / Occupied Territories

Anonyme a dit…

Merci beaucoup. C'est toujours un group merveilleux.