mercredi, décembre 10, 2008


Not far from KOLLEKTIV you've found here last week or from ORGANISATION / early KRAFTWERK. Probably a little more repetitive and sometimes tiring, it's a really good album for all the fans of this kind of repetitive and motorik krautrock. It seems they made only one album.
Sorry, it's only a 128 kbps CD rip, and it's here.

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alberto a dit…

what about Achim Reichel & Machines?
it´s seems to be forgotten on this blog
great site!

zille71 a dit…

hola , I have add you on my blog ....
great blog

mahood a dit…

Achim Reichel has never convinced me, much to repetitive (echo and echo and echo...) in my opinion.
But, as I will say it at the end of this selection, I can post other albums I may have. Do you want any of A.R? I've got at least "IV" and "Echo", maybe more.

alberto a dit…

no, no, please post whatever convinces you, I was just making a suggestion!
this is a great blog, keep it on!

Anonyme a dit…


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