lundi, mars 19, 2007

ALU, Autismenschen (1981/1984, prehistoric electronic future)

1st try in english because too talkative in french. And sorry for the imprecision.
ALU is the new project by members of the fabulous kraut band SAND who had released "Ultrasonic Seraphim" in 1974. ALU is their "Neue Deutsche Welle" proposition and is very similar to CABARET VOLTAIRE / SPK of the same period. Very amazing to hear the differences between SAND and ALU, as they use roughly the same instruments. However, it's of marginal interest if you don't compare with SAND, except fot the early industrial / minimalist electronics' fans.

To sum up : (see the photos below)
SAND= long hair, soft and space sounds, hypnotic vocals (in english)
ALU= short hair, rough and square electronics, agressive vocals (in german)

I'll try to post SAND's "Ultrasonic Seraphim later.

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Yann a dit…


It's yann. Good try in English and I love the numerous adjectives you use to name the kind of "rock" you're talking about. As if almost every band has its own rock.
See you!

Anonyme a dit…

Well written article.