mercredi, mars 21, 2007

NEKTAR, my own mix (1971/1975, kraut/prog/spacerock??)

I made a quickly mix tape for myself and to convince some friends that prog rock could be listenable and even juicy, particularly when it's in the boundaries of krautrock. It compiles the best music (in my opinion) the band produced in their first 6 albums (mostly from "Journey to the center of the eye" and "Remember the future", 80% maybe), in 2 long tracks.
NEKTAR really made one fabulous album, their first, "Journey to the center of the eye", in a really dense and varied krautrock style; their following albums also contain some really good material sometimes ... and also some of the worst. One exception is their 4th, "Remember the future", that is quite an exceptional and eccentric album, though dangerously progressive in some parts (and a voice in an unpleasant "Yes" style). But you may be open-minded enough to accept at first listen.

My mix :
and you'll find "Journey to the center of the eye" there :

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi Tonton,
I just noticed your comments in the Nektar mix section.... mate, from experience don't waste your time trying to impress upon people the merits of progressive music... if they're too stupid not to be able to make up their own minds and instead feel compeled to keenly listen to the dirge that calls itself "popular music culture" with it's considerable misgivings towards anything prog, just walk away.
There is also nothing wrong with Yes music either.... another popular misconception... and yes from interviews I've read they can be elitist prats.... but then so are many of the okay dudes of "cooldom" too, like the Fuckwit's Iggy Pop and Kurt Cobain for example... there definitely appears to be a double standard at work... it's okay for the cool idols to make dicks of themselves.... well just expect that of other tools as well..... there's a dickhead born every minute so the odds have got to stack up.... myself included...hehehe!!!