samedi, juin 30, 2007

BRAINTICKET, Adventure (1980, electronic soundscapes)

By request.
Nothing in common with the albums BRAINTICKET made in the 1st half of the 70s, as it's virtually not the same band (this one is a solo album by their leader I think). Here it's mostly electronic (but not only). Even if it's pretty good, I share it for collectors first, it's not the most interesting thing BRAINTICKET made.
Check on TURZI's own label the upcoming re-issue of the (probably) best album, "Celectial Ocean".
The curious can download "Adventure" here .

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kingpossum a dit…

Thank you mahood and whoever requested Adventure. I'm one who enjoys following artists down their various turns away from their expected sounds, so I'm happy to hear this.


Anonyme a dit…

To my mind, Adventure and Voyage are not so intersting... on LP, on the CD you've three bonus track that are more accesibles but so far from the brainticket we like.

But you should check the Joel Vandroobenbroeck's "solo album" on Coloursound Library : Lost continent, Meditation vol1&2, Industrial retrospect, Vidéo games & data mouvement, South East Asia, Middle ages and some other that I don't have... Those library are so much better than Adventure and Voyage, there's a good compilation to do with and I'm sure PAN EUROPEAN will do that one day.
niamor izrut

Bilek a dit…

kingpossum, I am the one who requested the album, with almost exactly the same motives with you ;) (plus, I'm somewhat a completist, and this was the only missing -golden era- Brainticket album in my mp3 collection! Now it's time for Alchemic Universe ;) )

niamor izrut, is there a place where I can find Joel Vandroobenbroeck's solo stuff? (i.e. in blogs, in downloadable format ;) ) The only piece I found so far is Images of Flute in Nature in Lost in Tyme (still haven't DL'ed!)

and last, but not least, thank you mahood for this interesting piece! The music is very similar to Voyage (which I had for two or more years), just as I read previously in various reviews... Yet, it's a part of Brainticket discography, no matter how far it is from the "freakout krautrock" sound of the first 3 albums! So, thanks again for sharing this rarity with us! (btw, I really liked Voyage as well, and I suppose I will like this one too!)

Anonyme a dit…

HI BIlek,
I don't have anyway to numerize my vinyls, but one day i'll do that and when we'll have released the Celestial Ocean with pan european recording i'll try to do a kind of joel vandroogenbroeck's mix tape with some rarity of the coloursound library and also with the Celestial Ocean Live (we've taken it from the INA 's Archive) and maybe one or two track of Ricardo Cocciante featuring Joel !!!
does anybody have a link to the Alchemic univers Album... it's THE thing I want to hear now...
niamor izrut.

Peteykins a dit…

Agreed that Celestial Ocean is their best overall, although I have a special love of their first album. This isn't bad, though... a pleasant listen. This one and Voyage do tread dangerously close to "New Age" for my tastes.

Anonyme a dit…

Im sorry Im going to have to interject with the - negative comments regarding this cd. It was my first exposure to Brainticket and Adventure along with Voyage are great discs. Why? Because Joel was always about exploring sound and weaving the instruments from around the globe into something new. So he used synthesizers here big deal the freshness of the gongs and flute along with the synthesizer is really reflective and celestial.
Yes the 1st album or so was pure psych but people need to move on and explore.
If you liek your krautrock more laid back with a hint of electronics and world instruments check this album out, its not as abbrassive as the Cottonwoodhill material.

BTW Im also a composer as well as admirer of this great music!

Anonyme a dit…

bilek, you can find both volumes of Vandroobenbroeck's work over at mutantsounds blog

good luck