mercredi, novembre 14, 2007

EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH, Phenomena 256 (1996, analog drones)

Another classic album by my favourite drone band. "Phenomena 256" and its sister album "Beyond the pale" (recorded more or less in the same sessions) are probably the most achieved albums E.A.R made. Unlike other later recordings, a true band is playing there, and what a band!
Sonic Boom : Feedback, Synthi VCS3, Drones
Eddie Prevost : Bowed Cymbal
Kevin Martin : Treated Saxophone
Tom Prentice : Electric viola
Scott Riley : Hammer Guitar
Pete Bain : Lap Steel Guitar
Alf Hardy : Voltage Control Adviser

Download it on this MassMirror link.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

just to let you know mr. mahood

after hearing thwe downloads of your E.A.R. 3 albums post i have purchased all their cd and some lp discography in 1 week and i'm still paying them!

so your web site is a treasure because it admits to listen in time soon and to buy.

then if someone falls in love with music...... is it your A+ result!

thanks again!
keep on!

eclectricitymeter a dit…

any chance of a re-post of this as the link ha gone down on this one. thanks

Anonyme a dit…

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