lundi, novembre 26, 2007

ROGER ROTOR, Substract 7 (1998, low analog techno?)

aka "Live at the Rohstofflager 25.6.1998", CD-R x 2. No artwork.
My english is not good enough to describe ROTOR's music. Long analog tracks that could be compared with RICHIE HAWTHIN or PAN SONIC, but warmer, less experimental. It could be descripted as a "low techno" and may remind "The Köner Experiment" by EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH to those who have downloaded it.
In one word : very exciting and "head in the wall" (my expression), but... each track is probably far too long! A reason for that is that it's recorded live with old synths (Korg SQ10, MS20, MS50 etc...) and it's long to change sounds and structures with them.
Download this live album in 2 parts : part 1 and part 2.

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