mardi, janvier 08, 2008

LATON COMPILATION (1999, electronica)

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Usually I don't like compilations with various artists, but I admit that this CD contains some really exciting tracks.
I don't know much about the LATON, except that it's from Austria, the music here is vintage electronica, the artists share the same old sound, in an hypnotic way. Begin with track 2 by Alois Huber, a fabulous one.
The artists here : Pomassl, Alois Huber, M. Soellner, Auralbino, Fon Proof, A. Burger.
Download it at 192 kbps here.

2 commentaires:

zhao a dit…

good man good man! i was JUST thinking how good this one sounds. that raw gritty texture and the tones... thanks will be great to hear again. :)

Anonyme a dit…

Re-Up please!