lundi, janvier 14, 2008

BETA BODEGA COALITION, various artists (1999, electornica)

Called "Rice and Beans / Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare", and packaged with... rice and beans.
Not much to say as I know nothing about the label, except that it's a sort of extreme WARP / SCHEMATIC electronic label of the era, and it's mexican (or pretend to be). Some boring tracks and some outstanding too.
The artists here are : Takeshi Muto, Leekon, Atlajala, Dave Noyze, Goem, Tpm, Patcha Kutek, Needle, El Brujo Oscuro, V8& La Mano Fria.
192kbps rip. Be adventurous and try it here.
(no picture available for the CD artwork)

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Plutôt bien "boring" toutes ces sorties sur beta Bodega et dire qu'il y a quelques années je me faisais chier à courir après tous ces disques merdiques d'electronica !

Très bien ce blog !

Anonyme a dit…

It's not mexican... trust me, I know cause I'am in fact mexican...