lundi, avril 21, 2008

MAHOOD, Granular Sintesis (minimal electronic soundscapes, 1997)

Yes, me, my music and myself. I've finally decided to post my own music, just in case (...of what?). I've never tried to send to any record label any of my recordings : unfinished, unprofessional, not long enough to make an album, there was each time a reason to keep them home. And I didn't have time.
But then blogs and rapidshare appeared. To my surprise, it seems that some you have downloaded my live session when I opened for PAN SONIC last october in Paris, so the same people may be interested in what I've recorded on my 4 or 8 tracks recorder in the past 12 years.
Here is a recording from 1997 that has partially inspired my last live session at Paris - Nouveau Casino. But no old synths here, only my computer (Mac Performa 6200 - just before the iMac era) and a simple software called "Sound Effects". This mini-LP was created using only sine waves transformed with basic effects (excepts the cymbals in the 1st track). I don't like the 1st track, a too basic drone that doesn(t evolve enough, but I'm particularly proud of tracks 3 and 4. It was mixed on the very basic 4 track Porta3 on a simple tape, which explains the sound quality - you have to play it a little louder than usual MP3 and CDs (thanks).
You can download these lo-fi electronic pieces here. Each comment will be appreciated, if any.

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Anonyme a dit…

I'd say these four tracks are rather interesting... thanks for sharing!
And I like the sound, tape is definitely the right and only way.

Peteykins a dit…

Sounds quite nice!

Anonyme a dit…

looking forward to hearing this! Thanks, Bruce

Anonyme a dit…


i would recognize your formation interest but i must ssay you would trat sound sample in a very specific taste, granular really!

very good you put your preferite music here on this blogspot and at the same time your self music creation, creative and stimulating and formative at the same time.
(usually i must say very often i buy then when i like one cdr i doewnload from this your site!)

I'm expecting to hear much of you in the next months!

bye from South Italy!


Anonyme a dit…

I really enjoy your tracks. Listened to them a couple of times now and they still sound very fresh and interesting. Keep posting more of your own productions

Anonyme a dit…

HI -

just discovered your blog.

And became quite interested when i saw you have music made by yourself here.

No, after listening (and liking) Drone Album Part1 & 2 I#d love to here this. But Massmirror...

Hey, i see that these are quite a bit older - i have Music laying around i made 10 or 20 years ago, would't want anyone to comment on it without, well, maybe "knowing" me. I do still like some of it but sound quality is awful etc.

Now, if something like this might be your (or part of your) reasons
not to re-upload, well, maybe you might want to jump over your shadow (can this be said like this in english?) an re-upload.

Looking forward to hearing it.