mercredi, avril 30, 2008

S.E.T.I, Knowledge (1995, electronic ambient)

My favourite Lagowski's (here under the name S.E.T.I) recording, and one of his favourite too, according to a recent interview. Pure electronic ambient, but it's quite melodic, so you can try it even if you're not into drone / ambient things. Some really moving harmonies, especially the 3 track. It's definitely THE absolute "space music" experience.
This is the CD edition; curiously, track 4 doesn't appear on the LP (on mine at least).
Find it here, ripped at 192kbps.
Or on this direct rapidshare link (I'm getting bored with the problems with MassMirror).
Later I will post another Lagowki's album, "False Dawn", released under the name LEGION 3 years before.

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Anonyme a dit…

hi i just found your blog while looking for the out crowd. i saw where you mentioned my blog on your post about DIG! im going to add your blog to my friends list soon, but now i go to bed.

thx also for Beyond the Pale

Lagowski a dit…

Thanks for hosting my music free of charge and stealing my income.