dimanche, novembre 30, 2008

KRAUTROCK TOP#45 : EMBRYO, Rock Session (1973)

Well, the track named "Warm Canto" (3rd track) is by itself a reason to get this early EMBRYO's album, a band that some of you may find too much "jazz-rock" oriented - I think they're often right (listen to the much too long 2nd track here). I would also say that if you don't like this album, don't try the other EMBRYO's recordings (except "Opal", posted sooner), contrarily to what some say, they are not so different, at least in their 1971 / 76 period - I don't mean they're not good though, it's a very interesting band with a sound typically of their own.
Find it here, ripped at 192kbps.

ps : don't you find that the artwork is quite extraordinary? The 2nd part gives it all its meaning and is really funny.

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Unknown a dit…

Have you heard the album that Enbryo and No Neck Blues Band made together? It's quite good!

mahood a dit…

No... could you post it..?

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you a lot for your blog - it is a goldmine.