dimanche, novembre 16, 2008


Sorry for being so long in completing this top 50 list, I've lost many MP3s in my hard-drive problems.
VINEGAR made this only album, and probably they could have been better if they had kept on recording, as the main problem of this album is obviously a lack of charisma. The music is good, it's much darker than the sleeve, I don't have the words to describe it because it's basically a bass / guitar / drums / organ combo, nothing more, but nothing less. With a little more personnality, it would have been higher in my top 50.
Only ripped at 128kbps, I'm sorry for this, I don't have the original CD...
Try it " here.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Could you post SIRIUS running to paradise & The three bushes please ! they are very rare gems of Germany !
Thanks a lot !

Julien Lafond-Laumond a dit…

D'accord, une bonne vieille bible du krautrock. C'est un régal. Merci de faire partager.

Marcia Tunes a dit…

Great job!