samedi, février 28, 2009

:Zoviet*france : Popular Soviet Songs and Youth Music (industrial ambient, 1985)

I'm definitely in a drone mood, someone has suggested me to try a "best 50 albums" of electronic music, but I'd prefer a "best 50 drones"!
ZOVIET FRANCE is not exactly a drone band, they create ambient industrial soundscapes. If you've been on MUTANT SANDS several months (years?) ago you could download many of their rarest albums. What "Popular Soviet Songs..." isn't.
This is the CD edition, I don't know if it's different from the 1985 version (on tape?). Excellent industrial ambient music, most tracks are easilly listenable if you're used to hear ambient. Some of them are probably too repetitive, as sometimes in early ZOVIET FRANCE music. Nevertheless, those 3 CDs are highly recommended.
If you find it on the web, buy it : the sleeve art is nice!
You'll find the music here : CD1&3, and CD2.

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