samedi, février 28, 2009

MAHOOD, The Drone Album (part 2)

A small post of a 2nd drone I've recently made. Very basic recording, once more (sorry - I promise I buy a sound card for my Mac as soon as I can), so please if you try it PLAY IT LOUD.

For this occasion, the instruments were :
> Roland SH5 (synth)
> Roland CR78 (rythm box) plugged in Korg MS20 (synth)
> Korg MonoPoly (synth)

Played, recorded and mixed much faster than "part 1" in near live conditions. And it's shorter too (8'48).
You'll find it here.

Some of you seem to be interested, thanks!

8 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

come and give a listen

Anonyme a dit…

cool drones, i like it!
waiting for the next tracks ;)

Mars a dit…

I'm dl'ing now!

Anonyme a dit…

Wow. I like both drones, but especially the longer one. Best music-blogger-made music I've heard *BY FAR*. Great diversity across each track, I will keep and listen.

I saw that you had once made "Granular Sintesis" available, but unfortunately, that link is now inactive.

Thanks for sharing!

kingpossum a dit…

Hey Mahood, great sounds. Drone 1 has become my #1 go-to for background whilst crunching numbers or drafting proposals at work. Good stuff. More please.

Anonyme a dit…

Any chance of a new link for "Granular Sintesis"? I'd like to check it out too.

benoit de V a dit…

j'aime !!!
et c'est dommage d'avoir de si beaux instruments avec une carte son pourrie ;-)
parce que la musique est super en plus.

clap clap


oliverbass a dit…

superbe ! on en veut encore !